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First/Given Name(s):


South Carolina



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ABLE Moses  Abt 1801South Carolina I1698 Combo 
2 ALLEN Elizabeth Jane  19 May 1830South Carolina I3924 Combo 
3 BLACK Maxwell  23 Oct 1804South Carolina I3951 Combo 
4 BRUCE Daniel  Abt 1837South Carolina I4562 Combo 
5 BRUCE Elizabeth  21 Jun 1807South Carolina I2637 Combo 
6 BRUCE Joel  Abt 1785South Carolina I2031 Combo 
7 BRUCE Kazar Francis  15 Apr 1834South Carolina I4561 Combo 
8 BRUCE Killis  Abt 1830South Carolina I4558 Combo 
9 BRUCE Martha  Abt 1838South Carolina I4563 Combo 
10 BRUCE Mary  Abt 1831South Carolina I2638 Combo 
11 BRUCE Rebecca  Abt 1840South Carolina I4564 Combo 
12 BRUCE Samuel  Abt 1832South Carolina I4559 Combo 
13 BRUCE Sarah Ann  Abt 1829South Carolina I2640 Combo 
14 CRAIN Augustus  Abt 1855South Carolina I4405 Combo 
15 CRAIN Columbus  Abt 1857South Carolina I4646 Combo 
16 CRAIN Laurence  Abt 1859South Carolina I4647 Combo 
17 CRAIN William  Abt 1830South Carolina I2587 Combo 
18 FRAZIER Elizabeth Georgia  23 May 1845South Carolina I4993 Combo 
19 GAINES James Henry  23 Feb 1819South Carolina I4588 Combo 
20 GAINES Richard  1796South Carolina I4880 Combo 
21 JOHNSON Sarah  29 May 1838South Carolina I3183 Combo 
22 MCHENRY Elizabeth  Abt 1803South Carolina I1699 Combo 
23 NEWBERRY Thomas David  30 Dec 1947South Carolina I3853 Combo 
24 SARVIS Sarah E.  Abt 1868South Carolina I4835 Combo 
25 SMART John  Abt 1875South Carolina I4953 Combo 
26 SMART Needham  Abt 1878South Carolina I4954 Combo 
27 SMART Samuel  Abt 1862South Carolina I4951 Combo 
28 SMART Thomas L.  Abt 1864South Carolina I4952 Combo 
29 UNKNOWN Dorcus  Abt 1810South Carolina I1306 Combo