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First/Given Name(s):


Crittenden County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AKERS Ida F.  28 Jun 1866Crittenden County, Kentucky I4060 Combo 
2 ARFLACK John Elihu  Abt 1856Crittenden County, Kentucky I4448 Combo 
3 BABB Vernia B.  1889Crittenden County, Kentucky I4410 Combo 
4 BRANTLEY Andrew Jackson  Abt 1830Crittenden County, Kentucky I4006 Combo 
5 BRANTLEY Linnie  Abt 1875Crittenden County, Kentucky I4307 Combo 
6 BRANTLEY Mary Rebecca  10 Oct 1851Crittenden County, Kentucky I3997 Combo 
7 BURTON George Ann Dolly  13 Dec 1848Crittenden County, Kentucky I4066 Combo 
8 CRABTREE Rachael Ann  20 Jul 1849Crittenden County, Kentucky I4382 Combo 
9 CRIDER Allen Thomas  Crittenden County, Kentucky I4305 Combo 
10 CUSTARD Martha Ida  Abt 1878Crittenden County, Kentucky I4308 Combo 
11 CUSTARD Sarah C.  Abt 1868Crittenden County, Kentucky I4304 Combo 
12 CUSTARD Susan A.  18 Feb 1876Crittenden County, Kentucky I4310 Combo 
13 CUSTARD Thomas E.  Abt 1872Crittenden County, Kentucky I4306 Combo 
14 HUGHES Lillie May  29 Nov 1878Crittenden County, Kentucky I4167 Combo 
15 LAMB Mary Emily  18 Dec 1845Crittenden County, Kentucky I4292 Combo 
16 LUCAS Ida Mae  1868Crittenden County, Kentucky I4424 Combo 
17 LUCAS John J.  27 Apr 1849Crittenden County, Kentucky I4415 Combo 
18 LUCAS Oscar  13 Jun 1859Crittenden County, Kentucky I4421 Combo 
19 PHILLIPS Albert Wayne  18 Oct 1849Crittenden County, Kentucky I4418 Combo 
20 PHILLIPS Edgar Walker  25 Dec 1866Crittenden County, Kentucky I4365 Combo 
21 PHILLIPS Jasper J.  5 Sep 1838Crittenden County, Kentucky I4437 Combo 
22 PHILLIPS Robert Lee  18 Feb 1865Crittenden County, Kentucky I4361 Combo 
23 THOMASON A. G.  2 Aug 1874Crittenden County, Kentucky I4311 Combo 
24 WALKER Albert Henry N.  1867Crittenden County, Kentucky I4058 Combo 
25 WALKER Albert Ray  7 Jan 1895Crittenden County, Kentucky I4144 Combo 
26 WALKER Bryant Gehille W.  25 Mar 1878Crittenden County, Kentucky I4158 Combo 
27 WALKER Elizabeth Catherine  Abt 1853Crittenden County, Kentucky I4281 Combo 
28 WALKER Hugh Edgar  26 May 1866Crittenden County, Kentucky I2653 Combo 
29 WALKER James Henry  1863Crittenden County, Kentucky I4151 Combo 
30 WALKER James Irwin  28 Jun 1839Crittenden County, Kentucky I3955 Combo 
31 WALKER Jewel  24 Oct 1904Crittenden County, Kentucky I4176 Combo 
32 WALKER John Riley  6 Dec 1866Crittenden County, Kentucky I4057 Combo 
33 WALKER Mary Frances  24 Mar 1893Crittenden County, Kentucky I4138 Combo 
34 WALKER Mary J.  27 Mar 1840Crittenden County, Kentucky I4275 Combo 
35 WALKER Moses  21 Oct 1834Crittenden County, Kentucky I4244 Combo 
36 WALKER Nancy C.  Abt 1850Crittenden County, Kentucky I4280 Combo 
37 WALKER Ora L.  1 Dec 1888Crittenden County, Kentucky I4183 Combo 
38 WALKER Pernecia J.  20 Jan 1852Crittenden County, Kentucky I4100 Combo 
39 WALKER Ruth Elizabeth  29 Oct 1908Crittenden County, Kentucky I4141 Combo 
40 WALKER Thomas K.  1 Jan 1904Crittenden County, Kentucky I4140 Combo 
41 WALKER William Bailey  14 Jun 1876Crittenden County, Kentucky I1836 Combo 
42 WALKER William James  Abt 1858Crittenden County, Kentucky I4282 Combo 
43 WALKER William T.  Oct 1864Crittenden County, Kentucky I4153 Combo 
44 WALKER Willie I.  5 Oct 1890Crittenden County, Kentucky I4061 Combo 
45 WORMELSDUFF Della Jane  1868Crittenden County, Kentucky I4302 Combo 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 AKERS Ida F.  8 Dec 1945Crittenden County, Kentucky I4060 Combo 
2 ALEXANDER Rebecca Jane  24 Feb 1954Crittenden County, Kentucky I3988 Combo 
3 BABB Vernia B.  1967Crittenden County, Kentucky I4410 Combo 
4 BLACK Ann Mary  2 Jul 1844Crittenden County, Kentucky I3937 Combo 
5 BLACK Margaret Peggy  UNKNOWNCrittenden County, Kentucky I3943 Combo 
6 BRANTLEY Andrew Jackson  UNKNOWNCrittenden County, Kentucky I4006 Combo 
7 BRANTLEY Fielden  4 Sep 1903Crittenden County, Kentucky I3986 Combo 
8 BRANTLEY Mary Rebecca  1925Crittenden County, Kentucky I3997 Combo 
9 BURTON George Ann Dolly  12 Jan 1934Crittenden County, Kentucky I4066 Combo 
10 CRABTREE Rachael Ann  16 Feb 1896Crittenden County, Kentucky I4382 Combo 
11 CUSTARD James F.  Oct 1874Crittenden County, Kentucky I4314 Combo 
12 CUSTARD James Thomas  13 Mar 1926Crittenden County, Kentucky I4056 Combo 
13 CUSTARD John William  30 Jan 1922Crittenden County, Kentucky I4301 Combo 
14 CUSTARD Susan A.  UNKNOWNCrittenden County, Kentucky I4310 Combo 
15 FINCH Martha  12 Mar 1864Crittenden County, Kentucky I4337 Combo 
16 GUESS Daniel Franklin  25 Jun 1923Crittenden County, Kentucky I3998 Combo 
17 HOGARD John Jr.  Abt 1881Crittenden County, Kentucky I3945 Combo 
18 HOGARD Mary Susan  12 Nov 1910Crittenden County, Kentucky I4210 Combo 
19 HUGHES Lillie May  1959Crittenden County, Kentucky I4167 Combo 
20 KEMP Nancy Pricea  UNKNOWNCrittenden County, Kentucky I4340 Combo 
21 LAMB George Benton  1925Crittenden County, Kentucky I4425 Combo 
22 LUCAS Ida Mae  1926Crittenden County, Kentucky I4424 Combo 
23 MARTIN Jacob Alman  1887Crittenden County, Kentucky I4054 Combo 
24 MARTIN Mary Isabell  13 Dec 1938Crittenden County, Kentucky I4110 Combo 
25 MCDOWELL Franklin Gilbert  1933Crittenden County, Kentucky I4324 Combo 
26 MCDOWELL Greenbury  UNKNOWNCrittenden County, Kentucky I3974 Combo 
27 MORGAN Mary  UNKNOWNCrittenden County, Kentucky I4085 Combo 
28 PHILLIPS Edgar Walker  1 Oct 1904Crittenden County, Kentucky I4365 Combo 
29 PHILLIPS Jasper J.  20 Aug 1888Crittenden County, Kentucky I4437 Combo 
30 PHILLIPS John Walker  7 Jan 1900Crittenden County, Kentucky I4219 Combo 
31 PHILLIPS Martha Areane  21 Apr 1914Crittenden County, Kentucky I4359 Combo 
32 PHILLIPS Tabatha Stewart  1895Crittenden County, Kentucky I4355 Combo 
33 PHILLIPS Thomas Stewart  27 Sep 1854Crittenden County, Kentucky I3941 Combo 
34 PHILLIPS William Cortez  30 Jul 1857Crittenden County, Kentucky I4221 Combo 
35 STEWART Nancy J.  18 Nov 1870Crittenden County, Kentucky I4049 Combo 
36 THOMASON A. G.  UNKNOWNCrittenden County, Kentucky I4311 Combo 
37 TUDOR William D.  1955Crittenden County, Kentucky I4409 Combo 
38 WALKER Caroline Pernicia B.  3 Feb 1871Crittenden County, Kentucky I4005 Combo 
39 WALKER Daniel Black  31 Aug 1884Crittenden County, Kentucky I4065 Combo 
40 WALKER Henry  30 Dec 1892Crittenden County, Kentucky I3936 Combo 
41 WALKER Hugh Mack  26 Jun 1876Crittenden County, Kentucky I2039 Combo 
42 WALKER James Irwin  6 Jan 1901Crittenden County, Kentucky I3955 Combo 
43 WALKER Jewel  5 Sep 1907Crittenden County, Kentucky I4176 Combo 
44 WALKER John  19 Jul 1848Crittenden County, Kentucky I3948 Combo 
45 WALKER John Morgan  30 Aug 1887Crittenden County, Kentucky I4083 Combo 
46 WALKER John Riley  15 Sep 1967Crittenden County, Kentucky I4057 Combo 
47 WALKER Malindah  8 Jun 1855Crittenden County, Kentucky I3953 Combo 
48 WALKER Mary Catharine  4 Jan 1915Crittenden County, Kentucky I3985 Combo 
49 WALKER Mary J.  18 May 1916Crittenden County, Kentucky I4275 Combo 
50 WALKER Mary Polly  27 Sep 1852Crittenden County, Kentucky I3940 Combo 

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