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First/Given Name(s):


Blount County, AL



Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 COSBY Americus A.  1 Dec 1869Blount County, AL I1623 Combo 
2 COSBY Chapel M.  1 Jul 1860Blount County, AL I1621 Combo 
3 COSBY David  10 Nov 1837Blount County, AL I1634 Combo 
4 COSBY Elizabeth Jane  22 Feb 1859Blount County, AL I1620 Combo 
5 COSBY Ellender  Abt 1825Blount County, AL I1628 Combo 
6 COSBY Emory Johnson  24 Jan 1833Blount County, AL I1632 Combo 
7 COSBY Isaac  Abt 1835Blount County, AL I1633 Combo 
8 COSBY James F.  29 Nov 1865Blount County, AL I1622 Combo 
9 COSBY Sarah Catherine  Abt 1857Blount County, AL I1619 Combo 
10 COSBY Spencer S.  Abt 1832Blount County, AL I1615 Combo 
11 COSBY Uriah Isaiah  18 Dec 1846Blount County, AL I1637 Combo 
12 COSBY Wiley  Abt 1828Blount County, AL I1629 Combo 
13 COSBY William R.  26 Aug 1844Blount County, AL I1636 Combo 
14 DORMAN Eula Leola  24 Jan 1906Blount County, AL I1732 Combo 
15 HALLMARK Calvin Ireland  1 Feb 1822Blount County, AL I1643 Combo 
16 HALLMARK Orlena  Jan 1838Blount County, AL I1650 Combo 
17 HALLMARK Richard Caswell  29 Mar 1831Blount County, AL I1648 Combo 
18 HALLMARK Wilborn William  Abt 1820Blount County, AL I1642 Combo 
19 LOVE Matilda Ann E.  12 Feb 1859Blount County, AL I1669 Combo 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BROWN Anne Adeline  Aft 1860Blount County, AL I1630 Combo 
2 BURNEY Mary Jane  Between 1902 and 1905Blount County, AL I4652 Combo 
3 COSBY Americus A.  5 Nov 1917Blount County, Al I1623 Combo 
4 COSBY Emily Hiberna  1948Blount County, Al I4663 Combo 
5 COSBY James F.  28 Oct 1934Blount County, AL I1622 Combo 
6 COSBY James S.  18 Feb 1885Blount County, AL I1617 Combo 
7 COSBY Spencer S.  Aft 1880Blount County, AL I1615 Combo 
8 HALLMARK Eunice Etherel  6 Dec 1871Blount County, AL I1616 Combo 
9 LITTLE Clyde Glenn  16 Apr 1970Blount County, Al I1766 Combo 
10 LITTLE Ira Green  15 Feb 1935Blount County, Al I1735 Combo 
11 LITTLE Richard Hobson  18 Sep 1928Blount County, Al I1767 Combo 
12 LOVE Matilda Ann E.  22 Mar 1915Blount County, AL I1669 Combo 
13 SIMS Sarelda Ann  12 Jan 1933Blount County, Al I1323 Combo 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ABLE / WELLS  26 Sep 1880Blount County, AL F0675 Combo 
2 HALLMARK / CALVERT  9 Dec 1820Blount County, AL F0649 Combo 
3 LITTLE / SIMS  Blount County, AL F0553 Combo 
4 MORRIS / SIMS  7 Jan 1912Blount County, AL F0683 Combo 
5 SIMS / GILLESPIE  30 May 1889Blount County, AL F0554 Combo 
6 SULLIVAN / SIMS  1 Dec 1895Blount County, AL F0544 Combo