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First/Given Name(s):


Blount Co, AL



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  Abt 1832Blount Co, AL I1355 Combo 
2 BROWN Nancy Ann McPherson  5 Nov 1843Blount Co, AL I1373 Combo 
3 CORNELIUS Nancy Hester  24 Dec 1855Blount Co, AL I1312 Combo 
4 COSBY Manilla Sylvania  2 Jan 1867Blount Co, AL I1358 Combo 
5 GILLESPIE Gussa L.  22 Dec 1872Blount Co, AL I1326 Combo 
6 LITTLE Floyd  May 1898Blount Co, AL I1557 Combo 
7 MCDILL Birdie Lee  1887Blount Co, AL I1317 Combo 
8 PRUITT Samuel D.  Abt 1845Blount Co, AL I1374 Combo 
9 SIMS Alabama  Abt 1840Blount Co, AL I1335 Combo 
10 SIMS Alexander  Abt 1843Blount Co, AL I1336 Combo 
11 SIMS Barnett Hudson  12 Dec 1917Blount Co, AL I1328 Combo 
12 SIMS Barnett Woody  5 Oct 1876Blount Co, AL I1315 Combo 
13 SIMS David Lafayette  3 Nov 1866Blount Co, AL I1375 Combo 
14 SIMS David M.  9 May 1849Blount Co, AL I1385 Combo 
15 SIMS David Valentine  16 May 1869Blount Co, AL I1377 Combo 
16 SIMS Elijah  Abt 1849Blount Co, AL I1339 Combo 
17 SIMS Elizabeth  Abt 1835Blount Co, AL I1333 Combo 
18 SIMS Florida Arline  15 Aug 1878Blount Co, AL I1314 Combo 
19 SIMS George Washington  1856Blount Co, AL I1386 Combo 
20 SIMS Hampton Huttson  4 Mar 1883Blount Co, AL I1316 Combo 
21 SIMS Henry Clay  13 Apr 1841Blount Co, AL I1350 Combo 
22 SIMS Joseph  Abt 1845Blount Co, AL I1337 Combo 
23 SIMS Louisa Jane  1 Mar 1840Blount Co, AL I1349 Combo 
24 SIMS Marion  Abt 1837Blount Co, AL I1334 Combo 
25 SIMS Mary Elizabeth  11 Oct 1871Blount Co, AL I1378 Combo 
26 SIMS Minerva Samantha  1846Blount Co, AL I1352 Combo 
27 SIMS Mississippi  Abt 1847Blount Co, AL I1338 Combo 
28 SIMS Nancy  Abt 1829Blount Co, AL I1332 Combo 
29 SIMS Robert H.  18 Dec 1865Blount Co, AL I1325 Combo 
30 SIMS Robert W.  Abt 1844Blount Co, AL I1351 Combo 
31 SIMS Samuel  Abt 1848Blount Co, AL I1353 Combo 
32 SIMS Susan Debyann  29 Feb 1868Blount Co, AL I1376 Combo 
33 SIMS Walter S.  22 May 1892Blount Co, AL I1327 Combo 
34 SIMS William L.  1834Blount Co, AL I1348 Combo 
35 STONE Clarence  Abt 1910Blount Co, AL I1613 Combo 
36 SULLIVAN Felix  Abt 1870Blount Co, AL I1610 Combo 
37 UNKNOWN Leila E.  2 Jan 1882Blount Co, AL I1319 Combo 
38 WEEKS Doctor Samuel Burton  28 Feb 1865Blount Co, AL I1361 Combo 
39 WEEKS Flemon Joel  6 May 1870Blount Co, AL I1364 Combo 
40 WEEKS Henry Valentine  21 Nov 1861Blount Co, AL I1359 Combo 
41 WEEKS Hiram David  29 Nov 1871Blount Co, AL I1365 Combo 
42 WEEKS James Franklin  2 Feb 1869Blount Co, AL I1363 Combo 
43 WEEKS Jesse Oscar  29 Jul 1876Blount Co, AL I1368 Combo 
44 WEEKS Margaret Elizabeth  31 May 1874Blount Co, AL I1367 Combo 
45 WEEKS Mary Roena  21 Apr 1860Blount Co, AL I1329 Combo 
46 WEEKS Robert Sylvanus  13 Feb 1873Blount Co, AL I1366 Combo 
47 WEEKS Seaborn Wesley  9 Mar 1863Blount Co, AL I1360 Combo 
48 WEEKS William Alden  29 Dec 1858Blount Co, AL I1318 Combo 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Teresa  Aft 1850Blount Co, AL I1331 Combo 
2 ABLE Nancy J.  1 Oct 1893Blount Co, AL I1321 Combo 
3 CORNELIUS Nancy Hester  14 Oct 1886Blount Co, AL I1312 Combo 
4 GILLESPIE Gussa L.  11 Aug 1910Blount Co, AL I1326 Combo 
5 MCDILL Birdie Lee  1978Blount Co, AL I1317 Combo 
6 SIMS Barnett Hudson  4 Nov 1919Blount Co, AL I1328 Combo 
7 SIMS Barnett Woody  12 Sep 1944Blount Co, AL I1315 Combo 
8 SIMS Beverly Hutson  19 May 1884Blount Co, AL I1320 Combo 
9 SIMS David M.  15 Sep 1866Blount Co, AL I1385 Combo 
10 SIMS Hampton Huttson  22 May 1950Blount Co, AL I1316 Combo 
11 SIMS John Bailus  11 Aug 1916Blount Co, AL I1322 Combo 
12 SIMS Minerva Samantha  15 Sep 1866Blount Co, AL I1352 Combo 
13 SIMS Thomas Benton  30 Jan 1921Blount Co, AL I1313 Combo 
14 SIMS Walter S.  24 Sep 1908Blount Co, AL I1327 Combo 
15 UNKNOWN Leila E.  UNKNOWNBlount Co, AL I1319 Combo 
16 WEEKS James Uell  Aug 1975Blount Co, AL I1534 Combo 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 COSBY / HALLMARK  2 Sep 1856Blount Co, AL F0567 Combo 
2 LITTLE / PARSONS  20 Sep 1849Blount Co, AL F0566 Combo 
3 PRUITT / SIMS  12 Oct 1865Blount Co, AL F0565 Combo 
4 SIMS / BROWN  22 Sep 1864Blount Co, AL F0564 Combo 
5 SIMS / CORNELIUS  17 Jan 1874Blount Co, AL F0538 Combo 
6 SIMS / LITTLE  31 Dec 1884Blount Co, AL F0552 Combo 
7 WEEKS / SIMS  17 Jan 1858Blount Co, AL F0548 Combo