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First/Given Name(s):





Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Teresa  Abt 1812TN I1331 Combo 
2 A.TURNER William  1838TN I2925 Combo 
3 BROWN Anne Adeline  Abt 1812TN I1630 Combo 
4 CHAMBERS Elizabeth  TN I1235 Combo 
5 CHENNAULT Nancy  1817TN I0582 Combo 
6 COSBY Robert  Abt 1799TN I1639 Combo 
7 GUEST Mary "Polly"  17 Oct 1791TN I0265 Combo 
8 HARMON Daniel H.  Abt 1801TN I1916 Combo 
9 HOLDER Unknown  TN I0442 Combo 
10 LENTZ Elizabeth  1820TN I0610 Combo 
11 LITTLEFOOT Anne  29 Oct 1780TN I0658 Combo 
12 LOONEY Absalom  Abt 1804TN I0667 Combo 
13 LOONEY Absalom  1814TN I0568 Combo 
14 LOONEY Amanda  1842TN I0862 Combo 
15 LOONEY Anna  1848TN I0441 Combo 
16 LOONEY Anthony  1804TN I0431 Combo 
17 LOONEY Asa  Between 1806 and 1807TN I0564 Combo 
18 LOONEY Benjamin F.  1820TN I0435 Combo 
19 LOONEY Clinton  Abt 1824TN I0692 Combo 
20 LOONEY David  1836TN I0438 Combo 
21 LOONEY David A.  1833TN I0859 Combo 
22 LOONEY Edward Morgan  1819TN I0434 Combo 
23 LOONEY Eliza Jane  2 Jul 1828TN I0446 Combo 
24 LOONEY Elizabeth  23 Mar 1830TN I0439 Combo 
25 LOONEY Emaline  1837TN I0861 Combo 
26 LOONEY Frances L.  1836TN I0895 Combo 
27 LOONEY George  1805TN I0606 Combo 
28 LOONEY Henry  1797TN I0562 Combo 
29 LOONEY Hugh C.  1835TN I0860 Combo 
30 LOONEY Isaac Preston  Abt 1831TN I1091 Combo 
31 LOONEY Issac  1808TN I0565 Combo 
32 LOONEY James K.  1846TN I0863 Combo 
33 LOONEY Jesse  25 Nov 1825TN I0694 Combo 
34 LOONEY John  1805TN I0563 Combo 
35 LOONEY John S.  1831TN I0858 Combo 
36 LOONEY Martin  1800TN I0605 Combo 
37 LOONEY Nancy  1840TN I0440 Combo 
38 LOONEY Peggy  1830TN I0437 Combo 
39 LOONEY Robert W.  1826TN I0857 Combo 
40 LOONEY Sophia  1809TN I0566 Combo 
41 LOONEY Wiley  1813TN I0567 Combo 
42 MCGUIRE John Calvin  4 Mar 1809TN I3630 Combo 
43 METZ Evaline Cooley  6 Feb 1850TN I1388 Combo 
44 RAINBOLT Charlotte  1822TN I0455 Combo 
45 REBECCA  1826TN I0887 Combo 
46 SIMS Valentine Earl  1814TN I3860 Combo 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 MOORE R. Alec  UNKNOWNTN I4907 Combo 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 LOONEY / PEGGY  Abt 1842TN F0223 Combo 
2 LOONEY / RAINBOLT  Abt 1840TN F0222 Combo 
3 LOONEY / UNKNOWN  TN F0221 Combo