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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLEDSOE Elizabeth  6 Aug 1804SC I0785 Combo 
2 BRUCE Martha Jane  Abt 1800SC I1815 Combo 
3 BRUCE Mary Ann  28 Feb 1815SC I2588 Combo 
4 BRUCE Nancy Ann  18 Apr 1858SC I2606 Combo 
5 BRUCE Silas  Abt 1790SC I0085 Combo 
6 BRUCE Spartan H.  Abt 1826SC I0048 Combo 
7 COOPER John  1806SC I0577 Combo 
8 COOPER Lucinda R.  1810SC I0572 Combo 
9 FERGUSON Ann  1810SC I0095 Combo 
10 FERGUSON Cassander  1833SC I2929 Combo 
11 FERGUSON John  1806SC I0096 Combo 
12 FERGUSON Julia A.  15 Oct 1818SC I2827 Combo 
13 FERGUSON Mary A.  26 Sep 1833SC I2829 Combo 
14 FERGUSON Ranson F.  28 Sep 1827SC I2825 Combo 
15 FERGUSON Sally  1808SC I0094 Combo 
16 FERGUSON William Russell  8 Jun 1825SC I2814 Combo 
17 FEW Amelia  1849SC I2912 Combo 
18 FEW Benjamin F.  1874SC I2921 Combo 
19 FEW Columbus L.  1866SC I2918 Combo 
20 FEW Ignatius  1859SC I2915 Combo 
21 FEW Ira C.  1861SC I2916 Combo 
22 FEW John A.  1870SC I2920 Combo 
23 FEW Kallip  1868SC I2919 Combo 
24 FEW Mary M.  1863SC I2917 Combo 
25 FEW Sarah C.  1854SC I2913 Combo 
26 FEW William H.  1857SC I2914 Combo 
27 HENSON Perry Davis  6 May 1895SC I2570 Combo 
28 LOWE Arron Augustus  1 Mar 1761SC I0192 Combo 
29 LOWE Charity Matilda  1773SC I0193 Combo 
30 LOWE Edmond  1764SC I0190 Combo 
31 LOWE James  Abt 1777SC I0171 Combo 
32 LOWE Martha  1779SC I0195 Combo 
33 LOWE Nelle  1775SC I0194 Combo 
34 LOWE Thomas  28 Jan 1768SC I0191 Combo 
35 MARTIN Dennis Willard Jr.  27 Feb 1892SC I3157 Combo 
36 MOORE Elizabeth  Abt 1779SC I0561 Combo 
37 NANCY  SC I1354 Combo 
38 PENNINGTON William Jefferson  14 Oct 1807SC I2589 Combo 
39 RANSON Mary  1795SC I1230 Combo 
40 SIMS Beverly Hutson  24 Sep 1824SC I1320 Combo 
41 SIMS Garrison  Abt 1817SC I1782 Combo 
42 SIMS Henry G.  Abt 1814SC I1781 Combo 
43 UNKNOWN Dorcas  Abt 1825SC I2660 Combo 
44 UNKNOWN Mary  1830SC I2911 Combo 
45 WATSON Elizabeth  1809SC I2928 Combo 
46 WELSH Polly  1813SC I0637 Combo 
47 WEST Jepthah  25 Jul 1803SC I0099 Combo 
48 WILLIAMS Charley  Abt 1880SC I3138 Combo 
49 WILLIAMS Henry Tillman  13 Nov 1889SC I3120 Combo 
50 WILLIAMS Royal Elvis  16 Sep 1918SC I1171 Combo 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CASSANDER  Aft 18 Sep 1850SC I0089 Combo 
2 FERGUSON Lucy  1860SC I0092 Combo 
3 HUCKS John Wesley  9 Oct 1900SC I3182 Combo 
4 LEE Thomas  1805SC I3364 Combo 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HUCKS / SQUIRES  10 Mar 1818SC F1167 Combo