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First/Given Name(s):


Lawrence County, AL



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CRAIG David Erwin  31 Oct 1888Lawrence County, AL I2888 Combo 
2 CRAIG Edgar Lee  31 Dec 1874Lawrence County, AL I2817 Combo 
3 CRAIG Emmett Monroe  19 Jun 1879Lawrence County, AL I2884 Combo 
4 CRAIG George Chapman  17 Dec 1883Lawrence County, AL I2886 Combo 
5 CRAIG Nola Dale  4 Feb 1886Lawrence County, AL I2887 Combo 
6 CRAIG Rufus Compia  10 Jan 1895Lawrence County, AL I2891 Combo 
7 CRAIG Vinnett Houston  8 Feb 1891Lawrence County, AL I2889 Combo 
8 CRAIG William Franklin  20 Jan 1893Lawrence County, AL I2890 Combo 
9 CRAIG William Jackson  29 Jan 1849Lawrence County, AL I2816 Combo 
10 HAMILTON Mary A.  1810Lawrence County, AL I0532 Combo 
11 HAMILTON William Harvey  26 Oct 1813Lawrence County, AL I4816 Combo 
12 HOGAN Edmund  4 May 1856Lawrence County, AL I4827 Combo 
13 LOONEY Benjamin F.  1849Lawrence County, AL I0547 Combo 
14 LOONEY Edison Lee  Abt 1877Lawrence County, AL I0549 Combo 
15 LOONEY Francis Marion  20 Oct 1846Lawrence County, AL I0546 Combo 
16 LOONEY George W.  27 Oct 1833Lawrence County, AL I0539 Combo 
17 LOONEY George Washington  1823Lawrence County, AL I0274 Combo 
18 LOONEY Henrietta  29 Jan 1860Lawrence County, AL I4826 Combo 
19 LOONEY Ludemy  1840Lawrence County, AL I0543 Combo 
20 LOONEY Lydia Ann  Abt 1822Lawrence County, AL I0273 Combo 
21 LOONEY Madison W.  23 May 1835Lawrence County, AL I0541 Combo 
22 LOONEY Oliver  1838Lawrence County, AL I0542 Combo 
23 LOONEY Ophelia Florence  Jan 1852Lawrence County, AL I4812 Combo 
24 LOONEY Orlena M.  Abt 1832Lawrence County, AL I0540 Combo 
25 LOONEY Sally  Abt 1876Lawrence County, AL I0548 Combo 
26 LOONEY Thomas Jefferson  9 Feb 1842Lawrence County, AL I0544 Combo 
27 LOONEY Walter F.  12 May 1882Lawrence County, AL I0885 Combo 
28 LOONEY William Bauck  1827Lawrence County, AL I0275 Combo 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BROWN William  Abt 1861Lawrence County, AL I4822 Combo 
2 FERGUSON Clement  25 May 1856Lawrence County, AL I0097 Combo 
3 FERGUSON Elizabeth  9 Jan 1858Lawrence County, AL I0093 Combo 
4 HAMILTON Barton  30 May 1867Lawrence County, AL I4813 Combo 
5 HAMILTON Mary A.  1873Lawrence County, AL I0532 Combo 
6 HARRIS Sarah Jane  16 Mar 1893Lawrence County, AL I2824 Combo 
7 RANSON Mary  1853Lawrence County, AL I1230 Combo 
8 WEST Jepthah  5 Apr 1896Lawrence County, AL I0099 Combo 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRUCE / LOONEY  30 Apr 1849Lawrence County, AL F0021 Combo 
2 CARPENTER / FERGUSON  13 Nov 1851Lawrence County, AL F1067 Combo 
3 CRAIG / FERGUSON  4 Mar 1874Lawrence County, AL F1059 Combo 
4 CRAIG / SMITH  18 Dec 1895Lawrence County, AL F1061 Combo 
5 FERGUSON / HARRIS  20 Jan 1853Lawrence County, AL F1058 Combo 
6 HAMILTON / KITCHENS  18 Jan 1832Lawrence County, AL F1724 Combo 
7 JR. / DEVAULT  28 Apr 1841Lawrence County, AL F0141 Combo 
8 WILEY / BRUCE  8 Apr 1876Lawrence County, AL F0042 Combo