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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 WOODYARD Euelle  Abt 1907AL I2479 Combo 
2 WILEY Robert Sylvaster  11 Oct 1857AL I1099 Combo 
3 WILEY Luther  12 Aug 1899AL I1823 Combo 
4 WILEY James Burkett  3 Dec 1887AL I1822 Combo 
5 WILEY Floyd Homer  6 Dec 1889AL I2843 Combo 
6 WEST William Bowen  13 May 1835AL I2923 Combo 
7 WEST Martha Francis  2 Aug 1838AL I2924 Combo 
8 WEST Louisa Alabama  26 Oct 1840AL I2927 Combo 
9 W. Lamideo  1825AL I0578 Combo 
10 TURNER John  1858AL I2926 Combo 
11 SMITH Emma Susan  Feb 1878AL I2818 Combo 
12 SIMS Sarah  Abt 1847AL I2662 Combo 
13 SIMS Nancy  Abt 1859AL I2519 Combo 
14 SIMS Marion  Abt 1850AL I1812 Combo 
15 SIMS John  Abt 1858AL I0098 Combo 
16 SIMS Frank  Abt 1862AL I2520 Combo 
17 SIMS Elizza  Abt 1866AL I2521 Combo 
18 SIMS Elizabeth Anna  23 Jan 1868AL I2522 Combo 
19 SIMS Carline  Abt 1854AL I1811 Combo 
20 SIMS Adeline  Abt 1844AL I2661 Combo 
21 SELF Sarah Ann  19 Dec 1865AL I1413 Combo 
22 SALLY  AL I0794 Combo 
23 LOONEY William T.  1868AL I0898 Combo 
24 LOONEY William January  Jan 1836AL I0790 Combo 
25 LOONEY William G.  Abt 1834AL I0708 Combo 
26 LOONEY William  1836AL I0611 Combo 
27 LOONEY William  Abt 1835AL I0639 Combo 
28 LOONEY Son  Abt 1832AL I0595 Combo 
29 LOONEY Son  1831AL I0816 Combo 
30 LOONEY Sarah  1835AL I0817 Combo 
31 LOONEY Rufus P.  1834AL I0596 Combo 
32 LOONEY Rebecca  1837AL I0612 Combo 
33 LOONEY Nancy  26 Oct 1823AL I0693 Combo 
34 LOONEY Matthew T.  1833AL I0792 Combo 
35 LOONEY Masteen T.  Abt 1836AL I0796 Combo 
36 LOONEY Mary  1846AL I0613 Combo 
37 LOONEY Martha  13 Jan 1817AL I0670 Combo 
38 LOONEY Joseph  1834AL I0620 Combo 
39 LOONEY John F.  1869AL I0899 Combo 
40 LOONEY Janioh  19 Sep 1828AL I0784 Combo 
41 LOONEY James M.  1865AL I0897 Combo 
42 LOONEY George C.  1836AL I0621 Combo 
43 LOONEY Elizabeth  Abt 1833AL I0638 Combo 
44 LOONEY Caroline  1838AL I0598 Combo 
45 LOONEY Benoni  Abt 1835AL I0795 Combo 
46 JOINER Sarah  1806AL I0615 Combo 
47 HARRIS Sarah Jane  1834AL I2824 Combo 
48 GRAVES Robert N.  1836AL I2942 Combo 
49 GRAVES Mary A.  1842AL I2945 Combo 
50 GRAVES Martha J.  1834AL I2940 Combo 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 WILEY Luther  7 Nov 1965AL I1823 Combo 
2 CRAIG William Jackson  18 Aug 1918AL I2816 Combo 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 SIMS / YOUNG  5 Feb 1833AL F0563 Combo 
2 LOONEY / WILLITS  Jun 1818AL F0299 Combo 
3 LOONEY / LITTLETON  Abt 1817AL F0301 Combo