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551 Will dated August 3, 1759, probated May 26, 1761. Legatees mentioned: son William Lee, Grandson Peter Lee, Daughters: Elizabeth, Ann, Rebecca and Amy. Executors were William Brown and Henry Lee. Recorded in will book 3, page 371.

Left his slaveDelphy and her child Seeman to his grandson Peter Lee. Jamile has a transcription, but not a copy of the original. 
LEE William (I3279)
552 Will of Mary Johnson Looney: Hawkins County, TN, Will Book 1, page 320

In the name of God amen, I mary Looney of the County of Hawkins and State of Tennessee. Being weak of body but of Sound mind and Memory and Calling to mind the oncartenty of Life and the Cartenty of Deth Do make and ordain & Constitute this to be my Last Will and testimont--revoking all former wills and tistiments by me made
first recommending my soul into the hands of almighty God whoe gave it.
Secondly that my body be Decently buried by my Executer out of my Estate and as to the Goods of this World which it has been pleased God to bless me with. I wish to bee Disposed of in the following manner first my wish and Desier is that my Black Woman Charlet Be Set free after my Deth.

By hir Complying with the Law in Such Case maid and provided and that my Executer use all Lawful means in his power to purcure hir a mansepation and freedom. I give and bequeath to my Grand Children of my Sun Benjemin Looney Desest one Doller Eaqually among them I give and Bequeath to my Sun John Looney five dollars. I Give and Bequeath to my sun Isam Looney ten dollars in cluding five Dollers which I am in Due him. I Give and Bequath to my Grand Children of my Sun Robert Looney Deceast one Dollar Eaquelly among them. I Give and Bequath to Alsire Mullens and Metildy Looney Daughter of my Sun Alsalum Looney all my Cubbart Wair of Eavery Discription. I will and Bequath to my Sun Absalum Looney all my house hold and kitchin furniture of avery kind and all my Stock of avery kind and farming utensuls and grain and Eavery thing Els that I may Die pursest of By his paying the above Bequeath Suns and my funerel Expenses the Bequeth Sums to Bee paid in Eighteen months after my Decease haveing full Confidence in the intagerty of my Sun Absolum Looney Doe Nominate and appoint him my Executer to this my Last will and Teatament. It is the Execution of said Executers Bereaving that he will in all things get faithful. In Testimony Hair of I the SD Mary Looney have hereunto Set my hand and deal this 20th of November 1830.

Attest Signed Sealed andhir
acknowledged in presentsMary X Looney
James Johnson
J. L. Johnson 
JOHNSON Mary (I0295)
553 William and Zelpha were either separated or divorded.  Family F0520
554 William Brown was a farmer and gold miner at Dahlonega, GA, and later in California during the gold rush there. He was on his way to Texas when his oxen became ill and died in Lawrence County, AL. He decided to stay. BROWN William (I4822)
555 William David, a son, was born February 27, 1808 in North Carolina and lived in North Carolina; Jefferson County, Alabama; and Hunt County Texas. He married first on September 1, 1831 to Mary Cowden, daughter of William and Catherine (Yates) Cowden who died in Alabama January, 28, 1840. He married second to Lavinia C. Grubbs who died September 18, 1870. He married a third time to Mrs. Salome Ann Cowden, widow of Robert Lindley Cowden, younger brother to the first wife, Mary Cowden. William died August 9, 1881 in Wolfe City, Hunt County, Texas and is buried there at the Mt. Cemetery. His descendants live in Texas. (source: records of Robert F. Cozby, Austin, Tx).  COZBY William David (I1743)
556 William Ferguson, born 1849 in AL, had two children. Wife's name is not known. FERGUSON William (I2872)
557 William recalled many years later that his parents moved to Orange County, NC when he was a boy. At age 20, in 1775, he joined the Colonial Army in the Revolutionary War. He served under Capt. Joseph Phillips at first, then under Captains William Dobson, Minor Smith, and Joel Lewis from 1776 to 1781. He was in Col. Pickens regiment in South Carolina. After his discharge, he appreticed to a wheelwright.
After marriage to Margaret Fair in 1778, they moved to South Carolina. The couple was deeply religious. William became a preacher. They moved to Sumner County, TN in the spring of 1796, and that October moved to Simpson County, KY where they settled for the rest of their lives.

They had 11 children, of whom three died in childhood.

Jamile has a copy of the 1860 Census, Alabama, County of Tallapoosa, Dwelling number 602, family number 547 (lines 33 - 40) 
LOWE William (I0187)
558 William was notable as a "Regulator" in North Carolina and received land grants in North Carolina and Edgefield County, SC for his wartime services.

From "The Regulator Papers", a letter written from Frances Cooke Butler to her son William as he was being persecuted by the Crown of England;
Dear Bille,
By this you will know I am in health & likewise your Brothers & Sisters as far as I know, thanks to God for it, I've no news to write, I live with Aaron and have for some time. I yesterday heard Mr. Patillo preach a Funeral sermon for Aaron's child who died last spring in April, was for Aaron's good for he took a deal of pains to show us the nead we all were in to to prepare for the same, and how bad it will be with us if we neglect it. And now my dear son I would advise you as this was my last advice to you, for God knows whether it will or not, for I know many of my days are passed, and it may be the case with you my son - and what accounts should we give were we not to die, do we believe we love God and his commands, so as to be accepted, or do we know anything of Christ who died to save sinners; - I don't know how to speak to you about these things, because I fear you won't love to hear it, but as you must know I love you as myself, and that I've nothing else to give you, let me beg you will observe and prepare for the next world, I know you are sensible it's your duty to to take care for you and yours in this life so as we may live in happiness to eternity, but I drop this, and I am obliged to you for writing to me, pray let me hear of your welfare, and a sorrow to hear otherwise; to conclude, my love to your wife and family and accept the same yourself from your loving mother
Pr. Favour the Rev. Pattillo

Pamela Butler: At one point William Butler was branded as an outlaw by the British government and he had a price on his head of 1000 acres and $100 dollars for his capture.

August 2, 1772 John Butler's letter to William Butler:
I spoke with Governor Martin on Friday last at Hillsborough in behalf of you; he told me that he could do nothing in the matter; but recommended that I petition the House of Assembly next Fall, which I propose to do. 
BUTLER William (I1211)
559 William Wilson owned land in what is today Charlotte, NC.

Mecklenburg County, NC Abstracts of Deed Books 15-23, by Herman W. Ferguson
#3366, page 263: Signed Nov 23 1807 in Livingston County, KY Power of attorney, James Deacon of Livingston Co., KY in right of his wife Mary & Matthew Walker in right of his wife Rugh, heirs of Williams Wilson, decd, for $1 appoint "...our friend and brother John Wilson of Mecklenburg..." as their lawful attorney to dispose of their interest in the property of the decd. Wit: Justices Elihah G. Gabuska & John G. Lofton of Livingston Co., KY, certified by Enock Prince, Clerk of the Livingston County Court. Proven at Jan Court 1809, test Isaac Alexander, CMC. Reg 30 Apr 1813. 
WILSON William (I4612)
560 William's sister was Samantha HOLDER, who later married his father-in-law John Looney! Samatha was his sister and his mother-in law. HOLDER William Lawson (I2646)
561 Willis established a farm in Clanton after he moved from Wetumpka in the 1870's. As late as the 1950's, his son Daniel Butler Lowe was living on the Clanton, AL farm with his family.

Linda Aubrey provided Jamile with a copy of the Chilton County, Alabama petition of "Zelpha" A. Lowe for the Probate of the Will of Willis Lowe Deceased. Zelphia was also the executrix of his will. She lists the next of kin as:
James E Lowe, deceased
Willis E. Lowe
Edmon H. Lowe
Jesse Thomas Lowe
Mary Susan Marler
Simon C. Marler
Mattie L. Bruce
Willis H. Lowe
Sarah N. Woodyard
Amanda C. Bruce
Daniel B. Lowe
Georgia Teal
all of whom are over the age of twenty one years of age.

Anstis Bruce Sims filled out the death certificate of her mother, Amanda Caroline Bruce, and Anstis listed her grand parents as Willis Lowe born in Elmore County, AL and Zelphia Lee also born in Elmore County, AL. This conflicts with information found from other researchers.

1840 Census was single and living with the Lee family in Chambers County, AL

1850 Census: Tallapoosa County, AL (Jamile has a copy)
Willis Lowe married to Zelphia Ann with 3 children AL/Talapoosa County/Township 24
They have an "Eliby McCoy" living with them in Alabama; she is 25 years old. Charity Lowe, sister to Willis' father, married Abner McCoy. Is there any relationship to those McCoy's?

1860 Census
Willis Lowe married to Zelphia Ann with 6 children AL/Coosa County/Wetumpka

1870 Census
Willis Lowe married to Zelphia with 7 children, including Amanad AL/Elmore County/Wetumpka

1880 Census
Willis Lowe married to Zelphia with 5 children, including Amanda Al/Chilton County/Beat 4

1900 and 1910 Census: Willis is dead by this time. On the census report completed by his daughter Amanda, she lists her dad's birth state as Virginia. In prior year census, Willis listed his birth date as Georgia.

Richard Lowe Reid has copies of marriage license to Zelphia Ann Lee, his Civil War loyalty oath and his obituary.
LOWE Willis (I0103)
562 Witness: Linn B. Phillips Family F1611
563 Witnesses: Chesley Lamb and B. B. Thurmond Family F1574
564 Witnesses: J. N. Cain and William Cain Family F1573
565 WWII army enlistment record dated January 27, 1943:
civil occupation was "oboe bandsman or automobile parts clerk"
4 years of high school
single, without dependents
height 5' 8"
weight 122 pounds

Elvis was the Head Deacon at Fairfield Highlands Baptist Church, Fairfield, AL during the 1960's.

Elvis was probably named after his Great Grandmother, Susannah Adeline Elvis (Brown). 
WILLIAMS Royal Elvis (I1171)
566 younger son of Lambert, Costellan of Bruges 1046. Emmigrated to Normandy in 1051. DE BRUGES Robert (I3672)
567 [11/19/2004 from Sharon Collier, tornado@showme.net ] I have more info on Louis's siblings if you want it. I have been trying to research His parent, David or Daniel, seen it both ways, Harmon and Martha Eubanks for years. All I know is that David was born, I think near Nashville, Tennessee and was first married to an older sister of Martha in Johnson Co. Ill. I come off of Louis's older sister Nancy Jo Harmon who was the 2nd wife of Jesse Seabaugh. My Grandmother told me this. Also I met with Maud Seabaugh whose mother was Hannah another sister of Louis's and she told me the same thing. Maud and my grandmother never met so she told me. I was just starting doing geneology and was working on Seabaughs. Stupid!!!! I never ask her about more info and she is now deceased. Do you have any info on Harmons? Did Louis live all his life in Bollinger Co. Mo. I do know that David(daniel) and Martha lived near Patton, Bollinger Co. Mo. after coming to Mo.

[4/17/06 from Marty Cummins, gecmnc@earthlink.net] I have been researching Dniel/David Harmon - as he would be my great great grandfather on my mother's side. I recently obtained the death certificate for his son, Louis Daniel Harmon (my ggf), and his parents are listeed as Daniel Harmon and Martha Heubank (Eubanks?). I have seen Dnaiel listed as David and Daniel in the census records and I don't have any family records except for this death certificate. I believe he died before 1880 - as his family is headed by Martha at that time in the 1880 census. I found Daniel Harmon in the Illinois census for 1850 and the rest of them I found in MO.

1850 Census: Daniel Harmon, 2nd wife Martha A and their 3 children, plus children John and Nancy by first wife. IL/Johnson/part of District 2. 
HARMON Daniel H. (I1916)
568 [May 2002, James C. Sims, son of Anstis and Ben] "Butler used to live in Clanton, just down the road from Anstis and Ben. He had a huge pecan orchard that he farmed for a living. All the pecan trees were plowed up and burned for a housing project, in 2002."

[June 2003, Richard Lowe Reid] "In the early 1950s, Daniel Butler Lowe and his wife Eva Lina Popwell Lowe still lived on the family farm that Willis (his dad] had established when he moved the family to Clanton from Wetumpka in the 1870s. I grew up in Montgomery and spent a lot of time in Clanton with my grandparents."

April 2006, from James Sims: Butler went from Clanton to Chicago in a model T Ford to see the World's Fair. One of the places they went was a building that had all
different flavors of 4" pies - every flavor you can imagine. Each pie was sitting on a disposable paper plate. Daddy said Butler told everyone he loved the pie, but the pie crust was a bit tough. Seems he had eaten the paper plate, too. (probably the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago) 
LOWE Daniel Butler (I0114)
569 [May 25, 2002 from James C. Sims, son of Anstis and Ben Sims] Anstis, along with her two siblings, collected money from the estate of Robert E. Lee's farm in Coosa County. It wasn't much, but she received a small sum "because she was a direct descendant of his."
Update 12/23/2005: When trying to trackour LEE family back to Robert E. Lee, I ran across a LOWE/LEE cousin {Garey Brown, glbown@flash.net] who said one of his LEE cousins years ago had a letter from Robert E. Lee to that person's grandmother.

Funeral Arrangements made through Martin Funeral Home, Clanton, AL

Copy of death certificate in file.

1900 Census
Anstis still a child living with her parents AL/Chilton/Beat 4

1910 Census
Anstis still a child living with her parents AL/Chilton/Precinct 4

Jamile has a picture of a blue ribbon Anstis won at the Chilton County Fair years ago. Anstis' son James said he remembers that her women's club set up a display inside a hangar at the Clanton Airport, and she and her sister Ida Bell won a blue ribbon for their work.  
BRUCE Zelphia Anstis (I0167)
570 [May 25, 2002, from James C. Sims, son of Ben and Anstis Sims] "Amanda had her own farm, her own mules, and her own hired hands that worked her farm. She didn't want to mix her assets with her husband's, except that she kept her mules in the barn he owned for his own mules. She also had a greenhouse where she raised and sold plants."

1870 Census: Elmore County, AL as a child (Jamile has a copy)

1880 Census: Chilton County, AL as a child (Jamile has a cpy)

Ida Bell had a talking green parrot that she gave to her mother Amanda to keep. Several people have said the parrot had a huge vocabulary. James C. Sims said when his grandfather hung the cage up and left the bird, the bird would say "Come back here Ed ! "

Jamile has an original picture postcard that shows Amanda in one of her greenhouses, surrounded by blooming carnation plants.

Obituary from The Union Banner, Clanton, AL issue for July 11, 1935: Mrs. S. E. Bruce died Sunday. Mrs. Amanda Caroline Bruce, age 68, died at her home in North Clanton, near Jackson Chapel Baptist Church. She was widely recognized as one of the most useful women of Chilton County. Funeral service was at the First Baptist Church, Clanton, where she had been a most faithful and devoted member for many years. Burial was in the Clanton City Cemetery. She is survived by one son and by two daughters. She was very active in local agriculture and in prize winning displays at annual State Fairs.

Amanda's death certificate from Chilton County, AL has a number of errors. Anstis Bruce Sims listed Amanda's father's (Willis Lowe) birthplace as Elmore County, AL, when in fact it was probably Wilkinson County, GA. Willis Lowe in the 1850 US census said he was born in Georgia. Anstis also listed Amanda's mother's (Zelphia Lee) birthplace as Elmore County, AL, when in the 1850 US Census Zelphia said she was born in South Carolina. Other historians show she was born in North Carolina!

LOWE Amanda Caroline (I0113)
571 [May 25, 2002, from James Coplin Sims, son of Anstis and Bruce Sims] "Maude came from a musical family, and every Friday and Saturday all their relatives would come Homer and Maude's house and bring their musical insturments. I remember their house would just be full of teenagers and young adults everywhere playing instruments and dancing. The whole front of their house was one big room so more people could fit in." JONES Maud Aleen (I0169)

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