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151 David settled at Haker's Mill (survey 1780) BOLLINGER David (I1890)
152 David was a sergeant in Captain Jonas Laughmiller's company of Hawkins County Milita, Col. Ewin Allison's Regiment, in the service of the Untied States. He transferred to Captain's Griffin's Company April 27 ,1814 to be with his brother Arthur Looney. David and family had moved to Alabama Territory by 1819. David of Madison County, Alabama sold 44 acres on waters of cany creek to Jacob Faust for $150 on April 30, 1823. David left Madison County, Alabama and moved to Terrebone Parish, Louisiana, on October 23, 1835, where David Looney and Jean Bourdelache bought 327.54 acres and on December 1, 1835, transferred the same to Jesse Batey and Henry C. Thibadoux. LOONEY David Riley (I0425)
153 Debbie was left-handed.

Debbie weighed 355 pounds at the time of her death. 
HUTCHINS Deborah Ann (I1198)
154 Depot Agent LOONEY James (I0980)
155 Determining Joseph's Age: The Bollinger County archives show that "Martha Bollinger born May 9, 1884, 2nd child, mother Mary Harman, 25, Father Joseph Bollinger, 45."

1870 Census
Found only one Joseph Bollinger in US. He was in Missouri with wife Eliza and three daughters: Polly, Sarah, Loretta. Marty Cummins confirmed this is our "Blind Joe", and that wife was mistakenly written Eliza instead of Louisa. MO/Bollinger County/Paton/German Township.

1880 Census
Joseph as a widower, with daughter Sarah MO/Bollinger County/Union Township
BOLLINGER, Joseph R., self, Widow, Male, W, 43, MO, Farmer, MO MO
BOLLINGER, Sarah A., Dau, S, Female, W, 21, MO, housekeeping, MO MO
RHYMES, Isack P., Other, S, Male, W, 16, MO, work on farm, MO, --

1900 Census
Joseph was dead by now. Could not find 2nd wife Mary or their daughter Martha.  
BOLLINGER Joseph R. (I1834)
156 Determining Mary's Age: The Bollinger County archives show that "Martha Bollinger born May 9, 1884, 2nd child, mother Mary Harman, 25, Father Joseph Bollinger, 45."

Jeff Marshall jmarshall@fwbv.com shows she was born in 1861 in Missouri, based on
1860 Fed Census MO, Bollinger, German Township, page 531
1870 Fed Census MO, Bollinger, German Township, image 11

Her child Martha's social security paperwork shows her mother was Mary Ann Harmon.
Familysearch.com shows her name as Mary M. Harman Bollinger on her marriage certificate. Daughter Martha Louisa's birth records show Mary M. Harmon. I've also seen it as Mary Martha Harmon by various researchers. 
HARMON Mary Martha (I1835)
157 Did not live there LOONEY Samuel Wilson (I1021)
158 Died after 1830 but before 1841 LOONEY Asa (I0564)
159 Died at her daughter Lillie May Harmon Miller's home. STATLER Mary Polly (I1924)
160 Died at the Lutheran Home in Cape Girardeau, MO.

I have a great picture of Charles, wife Eddie, and daughter Agnes that Marty Cummins sent me. 
HARMON Charles Isaac (I2478)
161 died either 1860 Pontotoc Co., MS or 1870 Lauderdale Co., AL LOONEY George C. (I0621)
162 Died in 04/25/1928 from a gun shot wond inflicted by his brother Lewis.
Went by the name of Raggie 
BRUCE Jerome Ragland (I0005)
163 Died young, per Ina's records. FERGUSON Clorilla (I2834)
164 Divorced - Civil Docket Book 9, page 391, 401: Crittenden Circuit Court. Gertrude Walker vs. Arby Walker, divorce. Filed June 25 1952 and granted Nov 20 1952. Defendant Arby Walker was a non-resident of Kentucky.  Family F1396
165 Divorded from second wife Elizabeth Quinn in 1750.

Sept 1006 - Per Southwestern Virginia Bruces papers at Virginia State Library, Richmond, VA: Documents of William Bruce were passed to his son Rev. Joshua Bruce who passed them to his son Josiah who passed them to Jessie Winton Bruce and then to Perry D. Bruce at Canowingo, MD, who will pass them to his son John Perry Bruce at the same address. Jamile has copies of 4 documents that link the sons of this George G. Bruce: Charles, William, and Richard. A fifth document (part of the Thomas Jefferson Letters at the Library of Congress) also colaaborates Charles and Richard are brothers.

RWSNGS2 at ancestry.com Contact: Noble Sheatsley
Name: George G. BRUCE
Given Name: George G.
Surname: Bruce
Sex: M
Birth: Abt 1713 in Augusta Co., VA
REFN: 1444
Owned property in Orange Co. in 1740.
DEED: Orange Co. VA; Deed Book 7; dated 2/23/1742; 62 acres land;
Benjamin Cave to George BRUCE; witnesses incl. Darby QUINN and Richard
DEED: Wm. Speller (King William Co. VA) sold to George Bruce of Louisa
Co. VA for 130 lbs. 400 acres on branches of Contrary River in Louisa
Co.-- on south side of North Ann River on April 6, 1749. Same property
was sold by George Bruce, a planter, of Fredericksville Parish (Louisa
Co.) to James Littlepage of St. Paul's Parish on 9/3/1755 for 140 lbs.
DEED: Orange Co. VA; Deed Book 13, pg 195; dated 7/23/1761; 800 acres
land in St. Thomas Parish for 60 lbs.; Richard & Elizabeth Beale to
George Bruce of Brumfield Parish, Orange Co. Land was part of 1000 acres
granted by John Madison, Gent of King and Queen Co., the patent being
dated 9/28/1728.
THIS INDENTURE made the twenty third day of July in year of one thousand
seven hundred sixty one between Richard Beale and Elizabeth his wife of
St. Thomas Parish in Orange of the one part and George Bruce of Brumfie
Parish in Culpeper County of the other part
....... 60 pounds current money paid by George Bruce
..one certain tract or parcel containing by estimation eight hundred
acres be the same more or less and being art of a tract of land
containing 1000 acres granted by John Madison Gent of King and Queen
County the patent bearing date of the twenty eighth day of September one
thousand seven hundred twenty eight lying and being in Orange. Parish
of St. Thomas.
VIZ Beginning at Capt. John Eamons...
Signed by Us Richard Beale
Elizabeth Beale
Proved at court held on twenty third of July 1761.
George Taylor COC
DEED: September 3, 1755...George Bruce of Fredericksville Parish Louisa
planter, sold to James Littlepage of St. Paul's Parish, 140 pounds 400 A
on branches of Contrary River. (In 1761, part of Louisa County and
Fredericksville Parish were added to Albemarle County, VA.)
DEED: September 7, 1758...George Bruce of Lunenberg County sold to James
Littlepage of Hanover County, 20 pounds current money, "all that tra
parcel ofland lying in the parish in the county of Louisa containing by
estimation 689 acres more or less, which is mortgaged to the said James
Littlepage by the said George Bruce.
In a court held for Louisa County on the 27th day of March 1759
is recorded
Teste James Littlepage Ct

From Peder Bruce 9/11/2006: I have an e-mail buddy (Thomas Bruce of the big Bruce website) that seems to think that there is some confusion as to which George is Charles’ father. I know that George married a Stubblefield and had a number of children. She died and he married e. Quinn and had children (we think Charles was one of these) and then they divorced, He then moved to Granville County, NC and died there. 
BRUCE George (I2676)
166 E-mail 9/2/08 from John Johnson to Jamile Sims: Sister showed me the back of her and Larry's headstone. There is a picture of an old John Deere on it. It is even (tasteful) green and yellow! I saw the front when I was there last time, but didn't think to check the back. LUNDAY L. C. (I3744)
167 Earl was killed in WWII and a body was never recovered. June 15, 1944 is when his family got word that he had been killed in the Aleutian Islands. He was a Navy navigator.

He has a twin sister who is living in Sikeston, MO as of 2001.  
BREWER Earl Olen (I1990)
168 Edmund fought in the American Revolutioon, in Georgia. BUTLER Edmund (I1210)
169 Eexcerpts from Forgotten Ancestors copyright 1991 by Kenneth O Sims
The spelling of this family's surname has been recorded many ways. The two known spellings used today among James Cozby's descendants are Cosby (used by descendants of his son James S. Cosby of Jefferson County, Alabama and by descendants of his son Wiley who moved to Washington County, Arkansas) and Cozby (used by descendants of his sons, William, Isaac, Abner who moved to Texas).
James Cozby signed his will in Jefferson County, Alabama on April 5, 1837, leaving all his estate to his wife Elizabeth Cozby and naming Elizabeth and his son James S. Cosby as executrix and executor. (Note that even his will recognizes the difference in the spelling of the name.) He died between that time and June 16, 1838 when the will was probated. Family traditions in all branches of this Cosby (Cozby) family say that the family came from North Carolina. The earliest certain identification of this James Cozby appears in the U.S. Census of 1820 for Buncombe County, North Carolina where he is recorded as James Cozby on page 110 and where his son Wiley is recorded as Wiley Causbey on page 125. From these 1820 census entries, we can infer that James Crosby (page 263, 1810 U.S. Census, Buncombe County, North Carolina) and James Crosby (page 126, 1800 U.S. Census, Buncombe County, North Carolina) are this same James Cozby of the 1820 Buncombe Census.
Robert Lewis Cozby has determined that this James Crosby of 1800 Buncombe and 1810 Buncombe is the same James Crosby listed in the 1800 U.S. Census for Pendleton County, South Carolina. Mr. Cozby has found a Bunconbe County land record showing that James purchased land in Buncombe on November 10, 1800 and he notes that the 1800 U.S. Census of Buncombe was certified May 2, 1801. Mr. Cozby says that these show that James Crosby moved to from Pendleton, South Carolina to Buncombe, North Carolina between the taking of the census in Pendleton and in Buncombe.The following facts can also be used to substantiate Mr. Cozby's theory:
1. Milton R. Cosby, the son of James S. Cosby and the grandson of James Cozby, in a sworn and notarized statement made by him September 26, 1921 verified that "James Crosby was the son of William Crosby, and was born at Pendleton Court-House, N.C. in 1774...."
2. There is no Pendleton Court-House North Carolina.
3. Willliam Crosby of Pendleton, South Carolina had sons James and Abner (William's estate) and James Cozby had sons William and Abner (James' estate).
4. William Crosby's estate settlement shows legatee James Cosby.
5. An original copy of a receipt for James' portion of William's estate dated 24 June 1823 is in the possession of descendants of James S. Cosby. This statement is evidently in James hand and has been in this family for 175 years. It reads: Coppy (sic) Recd 24th June 1823 of A Crosby &Wm Carson Administrator of the Estate of Wm Crosby Dec. Forty seven Dollars & 25 cents in part of my dividend of said estate. James Crozby
Evidently because James Cozby (1774) had a son named James S. Cozby and a grandson named Spencer Cozby, several researchers appear to have come to the conclusion that he was James Spencer Cozby Sr. In the absence of any indication that this may be true, this site will record that he was simply James Cozby Sr. As already noted, his will says James Cozby Sr. and refers to his son James S. Cosby (not Jr.) as though to note a difference. No record has been discovered which refers to James Cozby Sr. as James S. Cozby Sr.
James Cozby probably married in the early 1790's since the 1800 census show one male child under 10 years (Wiley ca. 1794) He moved to Jefferson County, Alabama between 1820 and January 23, 1822 when he purchased land there. His wife Elizabeth was born between 1776 and 1780 in S.C. [Some researchers, without citing any reference have recorded that his wife was Elizabeth Moore. Without a reference, this site regards this as unfounded and unreliable]. A transcript of Elizabeth's estate from Blount County was filed in Jefferson County with a petition to sell eighty acres there.
Information on the children of James Cozby, were taken from the above mentioned petition

Vicki Lais says James Cozby, Jr. came to AL about 1821.
Will written April 5, 1837; died before June 16, 1838.

From Jefferson Co. AL Will Record 1818-1840, transcribed by Vicki L. Jamile has a copy from Jefferson County, AL courthouse.
pg 151 will - In the name of God, amen. I James Cozby Snr. Of Jefferson County and state Alabama, being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory and knowing it is appointed once for man to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament. First of all I will that all my lawful debts be paid out of my estate and secondly that after my death I will and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Elizabeth Cozby all my estate both real and personal to be disposed of at her discretion, And thirdly I will that she may divide with the children that is now at home when they come of age and marry according to her ability, as we have done heretofore. In the fourth place I will that my grand son Spencer Cosby if he remains in my family till he becomes of age, that he should be made a legal heir with the balance of my children and I do hereby constitute and appoint my son James S. Cosby and my well beloved wife Elizabeth Cozby my sole executor and executrix of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal this fifth day April in the year of our Lord 1837. Signed sealed and James Cozby (seal) acknowledged in presence of William Cowden Ephraim Y. Hicks Abner Cozby (his mark)
pg 152 Know all men by these presents that we Elizabeth Cozby James S. Cozby, William Cowden and Benjamin Tarrant are held and firmly bound unto Walker K. Baylor, Judge of the County Court of Jefferson County State of Alabama and his successors in office, in the penal sum of Twelve Hundred Dollars, to which payment well and truly to be made, we and each of us do bind ourselves, our heirs & firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated the 16th day of June 1838. Now the condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas the above bound Elizabeth Cozby and James S. Cosby has been duly apppointed executrix & Executor of the estate of James Cosby deceased. Now if said Elizabeth Cozby & James S. Cosby shall well and truly perform all the duties which are or may be by law required of them as such executrix & exeutor then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue. Witness our hands and seals the date above written. Signed sealed and Elizabeth Cosby (her mark) acknowledged in James S. Cosby open court William Cowden Test. B. E. Graw, clk B. Tarrant
pg 153 The State of Alabama County Court of Jefferson County Whereas the last will and testament of James Cozby was duly proved at a county court held for said county at the courthouse in the town of Elyton on the 16th day of June 1838, in which will he appointed Elizabeth Cozby & James S. Cozby executors and said Elizabeth Cozby & James S. Cozby having given bond and securities and taken the oath required by law. Therefore that the will of the testator may be well an truly performed we by these presents grant and commit to said Elizabeth Cozby and James S. Cosby the administration of all and singular the Goods and chattels rights and credits whatsoever belonging to said James Cozby at the time of his death, according to the true intent and meaning of said will, hereby requiring said Elizabeth Cozby and James S. Cozby to file in the Clerks office of said court, within three months from this a true and full inventory of said goods and chattel rights and credits, and to render a full and true account of their administration wherever thereto legally required. Witness Walker K. Baylor, judge of said court at office this sixteenth day of June 1838 
COZBY James, Sr. (I1627)
170 Elizabeth and her husband Isaac Brown were living in Walker County, AL in July 1855 when her dad's estate was being settled. LOONEY Elizabeth (I0269)
171 Elizabeth owned 80 acres in Jefferson County, AL when she died. It was sold at public outcry Jan 8, 1855 to settle her estate.

Her son was administrator of her will. Vicki L. papers include a transcription of her will and court proceedings during probate. Papers listed her heirs:
William Cosby, son of full age, residing in Hunt County, TX
Abner Cosby, son of full age, in Wood County, TX
Isaac Cosby, son of full age, in Smith County, TX
Oliff, daughter and intermarried with Ephraim Hix, residing in Wood County, TX
Sarah, daughter and intermarried with Jeptha J. Barton, residing in Teppa County, MS
Ellen, daughter and intermarried with Joel Cain residing unknown
Mary, daughter intermarried with Moses M. Posey and residing in Blount County, AL
Harriett, grand-daughter intermarried with Wm. P. Rogers, residing unknown
Elizabeth, grand-daughter intermarried with William Wilford, residing in Washington County, AR
Charles, grand son, residing unknown
James, grand son, residence unknown
Grandchildren Wiley, Mary, Francis, Rutha, of Washington, AR
Dier of full age but of unsound mind, grandson, of Washington, AR
Nancy, intermarried with Anderson Hix, granddaughter of Blount County, AL 
MOORE Elizabeth (I0561)
172 Elizabeth was the daughter of Frederick Slinkard of NC, who headed another family which traveled with George Frederick Bollinger to Missouri. SLINKARD Elizabeth (I1863)
173 Emma was not in the 1920 census with the family. Had she died before then? KAPPLER Emma Lula (I4107)
174 Emmigrated to America about 1700. BRUCE John Jr. (I3372)
175 Ferreby Newberry had 15 children, most of whom died at a very young age. Everett Sr. was their last child born. (R. Menotte 2009) WEEKS Ferreby (I4987)
176 First cousin to her husband, Daniel Lowe TAMAR Mary (I1221)
177 Flossie took in ironing and worked at a shoe factory to make ends meet, and raised her grandaughter Judith with the help of Judith's uncles Floyd and Bud. KINDER Flossie (I1913)
178 Forsyth County, GA Civil War records show a John L. Wallis or Wallace, private, March 10, 1862 captured at Vicksburg, MS. Paroled there July 4, 1863, and died there August 26, 1863. This may or may not be Kizziah's husband. WALLACE Unknown (I4565)
179 Found death date and social security number at familysearch.com WALKER William Theodore (I1841)
180 Found in 1920 Census which was enumerated from 1/7/1920 to 3/10/1920. Albert was 24 at the time. BOUNDS Albert L. (I1844)
181 Found social security number, birth date, and death date at familysearch.org.

Jamile remembers her Uncle Lou could eat a whole piece of pineapple pie in one BIG bite!

Lou and Ada owned a small grocery store in Rombauer, MO.  
ADAMSON Charles (I1839)
182 from "The Upper Part of Greenville County, SC" page 544 Sandy Flat
Established June 11, 1851; John M. Crotwell, first Postmaster; discontinued mail (to Chick Springs) February 15, 1902; Geroge W. Bruce, last Postmaster. Best information indicates the office was conducted in a small store building at what is now the junction of Highways 253 and 290. In the latter years, the post office was in a separate building.

George's middle name has been listed as both Walker and Washington.  
BRUCE George W. (I2592)
183 From "The Upper Part of Greenville County, SC, page 342
Blacksmithing, Wagon, and Buggy Making
The blacksmith was absolutely necessary at one time or another to every household. He made, mended, and repaired almost every item used made of iron and wood. The small shops were found scattered over the entire countryside. The anvil rang from sunup to sundown. The smith had to sharpen the drawing knife, plows, sweeps, saws, axes, the wagons, buggies, plows, planters; make the hinges, fire dogs, wheelbarrows; mend the baby cradles, rocking chairs, bedsteads, toys, wash pots, cooking utensils, butcher knives, make handles for the saws, hoes, shovels, hammers, picks, trows, hatchets, and a multitude of other things.
The 1850 Census shows ... W. W. Bruce had 1000 lbs iron and 800 bushels of coal. (son of Hardin Bruce) 
BRUCE Willis Wilson (I2543)
184 from 9/24-12/19/1813 served as Sergeant under Captain John Gordon, commander of the Mounted Spies, Tennessee Militia in the Creek War, and was wounded in the right thigh so that he was totally disabled for manual labor.
12/20/1813 he volunteered and served until 12/0/1813 as 2nd Lt. in Capt. John Doak's Company, 1st Regt. of Mounted Riflemen, West TN Vol. under Col. N .T. Perkins on the expedition against the Creek Nation. They proceeded from Camp Carroll to Emuefou and back. Lees than two weeks after discharge John Looney entered the 2nd Regt. of West TN Militia as Capt. of a Company under Col. Lowery and Lt. Col. Hammons and served from 09/20/1814 to 04/20/1815 as part of General Taylor's Brigade on the expedition to Mobile.
01/11/1815 he was superannuary at a general court-martial at Mobile.
Left Maury Co. soon after 1818 and went to St. Clair Co., Alabama Territory, where he lived 02/1/1819

It is said that John Looney and his son Henry Looney first came to Alabama with Jackson's Army, liked the country and returned to settle in the Choccolocco Valley but stopped near Ashville, St. Clair Co.. 
JR. John Looney (I0281)
185 From a conversation June 2003 - James Sims to Jamile Johnson: I got daddy (James C. Sims) to talking about the old times and he told me that he and Ralph Murphy were in the same unit during WWII. After he met my mom, she introduced her sister Mina to dad's friend Ralph." WALKER Mina Marie (I1845)
186 From Alabama General Land Office Records (Ina Andre)
Legal Sec Twn Ran Date Acreage Type
SIMS NANCY SWSW 11 23N 12E 1858/06/01 0.0000 CASH ENTRY SALE
SIMS NANCY N«SW 14 23N 12E 1858/06/01 80.0400 CASH ENTRY SALE
SIMS NANCY SESE 27 23N 12E 1858/06/01 0.0000 CASH ENTRY SALE
SIMS NANCY E«NE 27 23N 12E 1858/06/01 119.7750 CASH ENTRY SALE
SIMS NANCY SWNE 27 23N 12E 1858/06/01 0.0000 CASH ENTRY SALE
SIMS NANCY NWSE 27 23N 12E 1858/06/01 119.9550 CASH ENTRY SALE

From Kenneth Sims: Nancy (Able) Sims evidently did not like her daughter-in-law (and her niece by marriage), Thomas' second wife (and also his first cousin) Elizabeth Anna (Annie) Sims. Nancy was known to say "I hate her, I hate her, I pray the Lord will forgive me and I hate her again." 
ABLE Nancy J. (I1321)
187 From Ann Dickerson of California, in an e-mail dated August 24, 2002 to Jamile Johnson

1894 - Mittie Ann Sneed gave birth to C. E. Green
1895 - she married a W. S. Seratt
1898 or 1899 she married a John B. Russell (1900 census, Paris, Henry Co., TN), children Willie and Herman Russell
1913 she married a Theodore Benjamin in Peach Orchard, AR
1916 she married my grandfather on my mother's side, Lewis (Louis) L. Jackson in Corning, AR
March 20, 1939 she married William Bailey Walker of Poplar Bluff, MO
about 1943, she died in Poplar Bluff, MO.

Mittie's marriage license to Bailey says she was from Corning, Clay County, Arkansas.

Obituary info from Ann Dickerson October 29, 2002
March 9th, 1945. Walker Rites to be held Sunday. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday (March 11, 1945) in South Poplar Bluff for Mrs. Mittie Walker who died Tuesday afternoon (March 6, 1945) after being seriously ill for about a week. Burial will be in the Woodlawn Cemetery. She leaves her husband, Bailey Walker, children Irvin Green of Osceola, Arkansas, Willie Russell of Knobel, Arkansas, and Herman Russell of Albama, Colorado; brothers, Tony Sneed of Fulton, Kentucky, Porter Sneed of Knobel, Arkansas, Hurley and Herbert Sneed, both of Elroy, Arizona; sister, Mrs. Nora of Imboden, Arkansas and several grandchildren of which four are in the service and two of them are overseas. 
JACKSON Mittie Ann Sneed (I1837)
188 From B. J. Jerome Feb 2007:
"Crittenden County, KY Marriage Records 1842-1866 and Abstracts of Wills Book 1 1842-1924" page 111: 3 Jul 1865. H.M. Walker - Mary J. Craig No return.
[The date is the bond date, but there is no marriage return and apparently no license. Often the license was returned to the county clerk with the date of
marriage. There is none in this case. It may have been lost, never returned by the minister or J.P. or they may have actually married in another KY county.] 
Family F0736
189 From Blount County, AL World War I Draft Registration Cards on web. Recap at home.hiwaay.net/~bobwonda
Alfred Edgar Sims; born July 27, 1896 at Village Springs; self-employed; nearest relative: Mrs. J. B. Sims (his mother). 
SIMS Alfred Edgar (I1730)
190 From Blount County, AL World War I Draft Registration Cards: at home.hiwaay.net/~bobwonda
Sims, Hamp Hutson: born Mar 4, 1883; lived in Remlap, farmer, white, nearest relative Bertie Sims (wife). 
SIMS Hampton Huttson (I1316)
191 From Brenda J. J. March 2007: James and Mary Deacon left North Carolina and settled first in central Kentucky before moving to that part of Livingston County that became Caldwell County in 1809.

Mecklenburg County, NC Abstracts of Deed Books 15-23, by Herman W. Ferguson
#3366, page 263: Signed Nov 23 1807 in Livingston County, KY Power of attorney, James Deacon of Livingston Co., KY in right of his wife Mary & Matthew Walker in right of his wife Rugh, heirs of Williams Wilson, decd, for $1 appoint "...our friend and brother John Wilson of Mecklenburg..." as their lawful attorney to dispose of their interest in the property of the decd. Wit: Justices Elihah G. Gabuska & John G. Lofton of Livingston Co., KY, certified by Enock Prince, Clerk of the Livingston County Court. Proven at Jan Court 1809, test Isaac Alexander, CMC. Reg 30 Apr 1813.
DEACON James (I4613)
192 From Brenda J. J. March 2007: Jeremiah Wilson settled in the northern part of present-day Crittenden County, in the Bells Mines area. Later he moved to Knox County, Indiana Territory, in the area that is now southern Illinois.  WILSON Jeremiah (I4614)
193 From Brenda J. J. March 2007: John Wilson settled in the northern part of present-day Crittenden County, in the Bells Mines area.

Mecklenburg County, NC Abstracts of Deed Books 15-23, by Herman W. Ferguson
#3366, page 263: Signed Nov 23 1807 in Livingston County, KY Power of attorney, James Deacon of Livingston Co., KY in right of his wife Mary & Matthew Walker in right of his wife Rugh, heirs of Williams Wilson, decd, for $1 appoint "...our friend and brother John Wilson of Mecklenburg..." as their lawful attorney to dispose of their interest in the property of the decd. Wit: Justices Elihah G. Gabuska & John G. Lofton of Livingston Co., KY, certified by Enock Prince, Clerk of the Livingston County Court. Proven at Jan Court 1809, test Isaac Alexander, CMC. Reg 30 Apr 1813.

Mecklenburg County, NC Abstracts of Deed Books 15-23, by Herman W. Ferguson
#3157, page 257 Sep 9 1808. John Wilson, agent & attorney for Mathew Walker of Lewiston [Livingston] Co., KY to William Wilson, Jr. for $0 60 A on Sugar Cr adj the stillhouse being the land apportioned to Mathew Walker as his part of the real estate of William Wilson, decd, in right of his wife Ruth. Wit: Joseph Reed, Jurat, Robert Young & James Evans. Proven at Feb Court 1813, test Isaac Alxander, CMC 28 Reg Apr 1813. 
WILSON John (I4617)
194 From Brenda J. J. March 2007: Robert lived briefly in Maury County, TN before continuing on to Livingston County, KY. He settled in the northern part of present-day Crittenden County, in the Bells Mines area.  WILSON Robert (I4615)
195 From Brenda J. J. March 2007: William Wilson settled in the northern part of present-day Crittenden County, in the Bells Mines area. Later he returned to Mecklenburg County, NC. WILSON William (I4616)
196 From Faye Turnbaugh in 2007: Some time after Benjamin's death in 1879, Elizabeth Jane moved to Sherman, MS and lived in a house belonging to their son William Robert. She lived in the house with 3 of their daughters and a great grandaughter. This property was willed to her daughters by William Robert (their brother) after Elizabeth's death, then to her granddaughter, Eunice Bean, after the death of Eunice's mother Sarah Allis Bruce Bean in 1945. This property is located on old Highway 78 across the road from the old cotton gen and is now owned by Phil Yates. Phil inherited it from his mother Elise Sanders Yates, Elizabeth Jane's great granddaughter.

Sept. 2008 Faye Turnbaugh sent me a photo of eye glasses owned by Elizabeth Jane Allen. 
ALLEN Elizabeth Jane (I3924)
197 From his daughter Martha: Worked in the coal mines and preached on Sundays, the only day of the week that he saw daylight, and he made $1.00 a day while working 12-14 hours a day. He was trapped inside a mine for 23 hours and almost drowned before they got him out. After that, he became a fulltime minister.  WALKER Charles Clyde (I4080)
198 From his or her marriage bond. Source Source: S01818 (S01818)
199 From History and Families 1882 - 1999 of Crittenden County, KY, published by Genealogy Society there: John Wesley Craig died before John Ella's birth. He was an engineer at Bells Mine, out of Sturgis. The mine was flooded but he stayed at the mine and continued to work. He took pneumonia and died.  CRAIG John Wesley (I3900)
200 From Jake Feb 2007: I worked at camp Breckenridge at Morganfield, Ky before ww2. Then I spent three years in the Air Force. My Humphrey line was all borned in Hopkins County, Ky but grew up in Sturgis, on "one-eyed ridge".

Note from Jake in March 2007: He and his brother Gene ran Walker's Dry Cleaners until they both retired in 1990.

James "Jake" died at Harrisburg Medical Center.

His companion of 38 years was Betty Thomas. He was a charter member of the Shawnee Hills Country Club where he was an avid golfer.

Reed Funeral Chapel handed funeral arrangements. Paul Widicus of the First United Methodist Church officiated. Burial was in Sunset Hill Cemetery. 
HUMPHREY James E. (Jake) (I3981)

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