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101 Archibald Walker and Dicey Byrunn: Married July 10, 1836 by Joseph Hughes, JP.
Bond was dated July 7, 1836. Bondsman: Chesley Nunn.
Clerk's Note: Chesley Nunn made oath that Dicey was over 21 years of age, and Mr. Walker, "I know is over 21 from appearance." Signed J. L. Dallam, Clerk.
License dated July 7 1836 
Family F1445
102 As a child, Sarah was sent to Salem, NC to be educated. She made the entire journey on horseback, carrying her wardrobe in saddle bags. She became a proficient musician, and was the possessor of the first piano brought into Cape Girardeau County, MO. BOLLINGER Sara (I1970)
103 as a small child went to Monroe Co., MO then to Greene Co., MO LOONEY Absalom (I0742)
104 At his home in Danville, he operated a garage and store and also ran a grist mill and worked as Danville's blacksmith.
LOONEY James Weaver (I0884)
105 At one point in his life, Howard was shocked by a 6000 volt generator.

When his nephew John T. Johnson was about 15, Howard gave him some transformers to experiment with. Unknowingly, John connected one backward to a safe voltage, making it step the voltage up to about 300 volts. John touched the wires and got "stuck" on the wire because of the high voltage. He was dying, when his mom Alice Parker Johnson saw what was happening and "knocked him off the wire. He has a scar on his right thumb where the thumb was charred by the voltage. 
PARKER Howard (I3777)
106 At th time of Claud's father's death, Walter Looney was listed as having alive one son named Claude and 5 grandchildren. I'm assuming all 5 grandchildren were the children of Claude Looney.

Claud Samuel Looney, 58, 2919 Alabaman, died sunday at a Little Rock hospital. A resident of Fort Smith since 1955, he was retired from the U.S. Army and was a member of the United Methodist Church. Survivors include his wife Alberta, one son, Robert of the home; four daughters, Mrs. Vernon Miller, Mrs. Eddie Britt and Miss Linda Looney, all of Fort Smith, Mrs. Jim (Carol Ann Looney) Waldrop of Fort Bragg, NC; three grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at Edwards Funeral Home. 
LOONEY Claude Samuel (I4719)
107 At the 1830 census of Franklin Co., TN, Moses Looney and wife are listed with 1 girl in the 15 to 20 age group and 1 girls 10 to 15 age group. On October 18,1839, he witnessed a deed from Benjamin Looney and wife Mary to John Looney, next younger
brother to the grantor. In the 1840 census Moses is listed in Polk Co., MO with 1 girl 15 to 20 age group and no wife listed. No further information is known. He was not listed 1850 or 1860 censuses in Missouri 
LOONEY Moses (I0429)
108 Aug 1947 Emma was the informant for her brother Martin's death certificate, and she listed her address as Advance, MO.

Frank Farrar was the informant on Emma's death certificate in 1963. 
KAPPLER Emma Christina Barbra (I4196)
109 August 2003, Jamile paid a researcher $20 gas money to get a copy of this marriage license from Tallapoosa County Marriages, Book 2, Pages 231-232. Handwritten license shows Willis Low & Zelpha A. Lee were married on October 5, 1846.  Family F0028
110 Bailey's third wife was Mittie Sneed of Tennessee. Her grandaughter, Ann Dickerson, remembers that Bailey and Mittie lived across the street from a railroad track. Ann and Bailey would run to count the cars and wave to the passengers. This would have been between 1939 when Mittie and Bailey married, and 1943 when Mittie died. [Ann was born in 1936, so she would have been a small child at the time.]

Burial at East Woodlawn Cemetery, Poplar Bluff, MO, Lot 46E-(5), next to his third wife Addie. Funeral was handled by Greer Croy & Fitch of Poplar Bluff, MO Headstone reads "W.B.Walker 1876 - 1947 Father Oh How We Miss You".

"A mean man with a real hot temper, and he liked to drink now and then. His kids didn't like him, and married early just to get away from him. "

Bailey had a home at 105 Henry Street in Poplar Bluff. When he died, none of his kids would go claim the house. His fourth wife at the time, Addie, was a real wild woman, and she didn't want his children at his funeral. John and Jamile attempted to find the house in November 2002 but it had been torn down.

Death certificate number 3914 from Lutesville, MO (Bollinger County) shows that Bailey had been living in Lutesville for 6 months when he died, but that his usual residence was at 105 E. Henry, Poplar Bluff, MO. Jamile paid Glen Sedrick [gsedrick@mycitycable.com] in Sept. 2002 to do a research for obits on Bailey and Addie Walker, but nothing was found.

Jamile has copy of WWI Registration Card for Bailey, signed September 12, 1918. It says he had blue eyes, black hair, and had lost one finger. He was listed as medium height and slender build. He lists Martha Walker as his wife.

Vicci Medler Sweeney said her mother Pearl was about 12 when Martha and the children "ran off" Bailey. This would have been around 1934.

Jamile has copy of mariage licenses of Bailey to Mittie A. (Sneed) Jackson and Addie Tinsley.

Deed Book Y, page 350-351, Crittenden County, KY
September 27, 1890
Mary J. Walker and husband J. M. Walker, H. E. Walker and wife Wilmouth Walker, John W. Kapplar and wife Elizabeth E. Kapplar, D. H. Walker and wife Minnie Walker, H. M. Walker, I. S. Walker and W. B. Walker, "all and the only heirs at law of H. M. Walker deceased, all of Crittenden County, except H. E. Walker and wife, John W. Kapplar and wife, of Stoddard County, MO, convey to Alex Woods of Crittenden County a tract of land in Crittenden County, beginning on a double white oak which are stumps now on the waters of Hoods Creek... to where King's fence originally struck the drain ...containing 82 acres more or less. The land is conveyed for the sum of $625 to be paid as follows: Mary J. Walker $175 cash for her dowry right, she being the widow of H. M. Wlaker, before her marriage with J. M. Walker, her present husband; H. E. Walker, $70; John W. Kappalar and wife Elizabeth, $70; H. M. Walker, $70 paid by J. B. Lowey, D. H. Walker $35 cash paid and the remainder being $35 to be paid "when he becomes of age" and makes Woody a deed to his interest to the land and J. B. Lowey to execute his notes to I. S. Walker and W. B. Walker, who are minor Heirs $70 a piece with 6% interest until they become of age and make Lowey a Deed to their interest in the land [signed] Mary J. Walker, J. M. Walker, H. E. Walker, Wilmoth Walker, J. W. Kappler, Lizzie Kappler, Mack ...

1900 Census
POSSIBLE: Found a Bailey Walker with wife Maud (Lucus) in KY/Crittenden County/Bells Mines, District 36. This couple had been married less than a year and had a 2 month old baby daughter named Bela. Further research shows that a W. B. Walker and Maud Lucus were married in Gallatin County, IN on July 15, 1899. It ws very common for people to go to Shawneetown, Gallatin County to marry and then return to their home county. This may be our Bailey Walker, but it has not been proven.

1910 Census
Bayley and Martha Walker with 3 children MO/Butler County/St. Francois/District 12

1920 Census
Bailey, Martha and 5 children, including Alma MO/Butler County/St. Francis Township
Albert Bounds was living nearby; he later married Erma Walker.
Ada (Walker) and her husband "Gorky" Adamson were living next door, too.

1930 Census
William B., Martha, and 5 children, including Alma MO/Stoddard County/Liberty Township/District 14 (including Bernie and Dexter Cities)
Ralph Murphy (who later married Mina Walker) MO/Stoddard County/Elk Township/District 10
Albert Bounds and wife Erma (Walker) and 2 children.
Also found several Ham families nearby MO/Butler/St. Francois/District 22/Page 5
Ada (Walker) and Louis Adamson and 3 daughters MO/Butler County/St. Francois

WALKER William Bailey (I1836)
111 Beachmouse@gulftel.com shows middle name is Huttson, 7/2003.

Name changed 3/2005 after correspondence with Kenneth O. Sims of Alabama:
Beverly Hutson Sims was born in South Carolina on September 24, in about 1824. His tombstone records 1820 "service". An analysis of census data indicates around 1824. His mother was named Nancy and she was born in South Carolina in about 1783. His father was born in Virginia and research indicates that his father was James whose estate is mentioned in the estate records of Benton County, AL. on March 10, 1843 and April 12, 1843.
His whereabouts are unknown before October 1, 1845 when he purchased eighty acres of land from the U.S. Government Land Office under the name Hutson Sims. He appeared in the 1850 U.S. Census of Benton County, Alabama (Hudson Sims) but research indicates that he moved there with his family in the early 1840’s. The original copy of a promise to sell land in Benton County dated 1848 from Garrison Sims to Bevery H. Sims is in possession of descendants of B.H. Sims. This document was found in a box with other papers and receipts belonging to B.H. Sims. He married first to L.F. Griffin on May 7, 1849 at Cross Plains (now the city of Piedmont), Benton (now Calhoun) County, Alabama. She evidently died before April 14,1854 when he married Nancy J. ABEL, the daughter of Moses and Elizabeth (McHenry) ABEL. Nancy J. Abel was born May 5, 1824 in Tennessee and died near Remlap, Blount County, Alabama. Both marriages show his name as B.H. Sims.
Hutson and Nancy Sims moved to Jefferson County, Alabama before 1870 when they appeared there in the 1870 U.S. Census (B.H. Sims). They evidently moved from Calhoun (Benton) County with Nancy’s parents. Deed book Y page 416, Blount County, Alabama contains the recording of a deed from M.M. and Martha A. Baker to Beverly H. Sims dated September 27, 1870 for 240 acres of land. In 1870 In 1880 they lived on this land in Blount County on what is now HWY 75 just south of Remlap, Blount County and a short distance from the Jefferson-Blount County line. Hutson was known in Blount County as Uncle Hutt. Beverly Hutson Sims died May 19, 1884 near Remlap, Blount County, Al. He and Nancy are buried at the cemetery next to Remlap United Methodist Church.

June 2005 Kenneth Sims sent Jamile Sims Johnson the following copies of documents:
1. US Land Patent Certificate 8127 dated October 1, 1845 granted to Hutson Sims for fractions 10 and 15 of Section 32, Township 12 South, Range 10 East Benton County, AL. Fractions 10 and 15 are adjacent to Fractions 11 and 14 previously granted by Certificate 7655 dated June 1843 to Henry Sims, brother of B. H. Sims. Children of Thomas Benton Sims by his second wife are the grand children of both B. H. Sims and his brother Henry G. Sims.
2. Deed dated Sept. 27, 1870 and recorded in Book 10, page 113, Blount County, AL real estate records: M. M. Baker and wife Martha A. Baker to Beverly H. Sims. Land including the West one half of the North East Quarter and the East one half of the North East Quarter of Section 26, Township 14, Range 1 West, Blount County, AL. (Both halves means B. H. owned the entire North East Quarter of Section 26 (160 acres). The deed also includes forty acres to the north in the SE corner of Section 23 and an additional unidentifiable forty acres.
3. Deed dated Feb 28, 1888 Blount County Real Estate Records. Nancy Sims, John B. Sims, Henry C. Sims, Sarelda Little, and Robert H. Sims (wife and children of B. H. Sims) to Thomas B. Sims (son of B. H. Sims). The South West quarter of the North East Quarter of Section 26, Township 14, Range 1 West, Blount County, AL (note that this is a portion of the land previously deeded to Beverly H. Sims by M. M. Baker and wife on September 27, 1870). Also on this page note the statement of Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States of America, dated May 21, 1890. This indicates that Benjamin Harrison Sims (July 21, 1889) was named for the U.S. president in office when he was born, and not for his grandfather B. H. Sims. Besides, no one would have known who Benjamin Harrison was in 1826 when Beverly Hutson Sims was born.
4. This is a copy of an original letter in possession of Kenneth O. Sims written to his grandfather John Bailus Sims when he tried to sell land still in his father's name (Beverly H.) in 1907. Note that the land mentioned is the north half of the 80 acres of Section 26 which was in the 1870 deed to Beverly H. Sims.
5. Copies of a number of papers found in a small box in the possession of a grandaughter of Esther Sims Stephenson. The box evidently belonged to Beverly H. Sims. Inside were several Hutson Sims promises to pay, several B. H. Sims promises to pay, receipts to Hudson Sims, receipts to B. H. Sims, and a post office registry receipts to Nancy Sims (Beverly Hutson Sims' wife).


June 7, 2005 e-mail
Beverly Hutson Sims Documentation
by Kenneth Sims

I had thought that B.H. Sims was Benjamin Hutson Sims until 2005 when documentation for Beverly H. Sims was discovered. Even though for many years I had possessed a letter from a lawyer in Birmingham written to my grandfather John B. Sims in 1907 inquiring about the land of Beverly H. Sims and naming widow Mrs. Nancy Sims, I had for thirty years assumed that Beverly was a typo, or a mistake, in that letter.

Federal land records show that between 1845 and 1849, adjoining land in Benton/Calhoun Co. was purchased by "Hutson," George L., Henry, and Garrison SIMS.

1850 Census
Hutson Sims and first wife L. F. (Griffin), Hudson's widowed mother Nancy, his brother Henry Sims AL/Benton County/28th District
NOTE: Benton County became Calhoun County in 1858.
Hutson's brother Garrison and family were in GA/Cheroekee County/Division 15

1860 Census
D. H. and Nancy with 3 children, plus his mother Nancy Sims (77 yrs) Al/Calhoun/Township 13, Range 20

1870 Census
B. H. Sims with 2nd wife Nancy and 5 children, including Henry Claud AL/Jefferson County/Township 15, Range 1 (Village Springs)

1880 Blount Co., AL
Enum. Dst. 14, page 3 (Township 14)
[no family or dwelling numbers listed on page]

Thomas B. SIMMS 25 AL SC TN farmer
Nancy H. 26 AL AL AL wife (suffers from apoplexy)
Barnett W. 03 AL AL AL son
Florida D. 01 AL AL AL da.

next family:
Bev. H. SIMMS 56 SC VA SC farmer
Nancy 54 TN SC SC wife keeping house
John B. 22 AL SC TN son
Ann C. 19 AL SC TN da.
Henry C. 17 AL SC TN son
Robt. H. 15 AL SC TN son

next family:
Reubin LITTLE 59 GA GA GA farmer
Lucinda P. 50 AL KY GA wife keeping house
(and children, including Cinthy A., who would later marry John B. SIMS above)

Reubin LITTLE's house still stands in Blount Co., about half way between Remlap and Village Springs directly across Highway 75 from the land deeded to "Beverly H. SIMS" in the 1870 Blount Co., AL deed (photocopy on file). This Beverly H. Sims land is where my father (William H.) always pointed to as where he was born as we passed by going to Remlap. I thought that it was Little land until 2005 when I found the 1870 Beverly H. Sims deed.

Beverly Hutson's brother Henry G. appears in 1880 Calhoun Co., apparently still living on the land he purchased there in 1845 in Section 32, Township 12S, Range 10E, adjacent to parcels purchased by his presumed brothers Garrison (1847), George L. (1849), and "Hutson" (1845):

1880 Calhoun Co., AL
Enum. Dst. 11, page 10 (Beat #9)
fam. #98
Henry G. SIMS 67 SC VA SC farmer
Elizabeth 51 TN Ireland Ireland wife
Marion 30 AL SC TN son
Carline 26 AL SC TN da.
John 22 AL SC TN son
Nancy 21 AL SC TN da.
Frank 18 AL SC TN son
Elizza 14 AL SC TN da.
Anna 11 AL SC TN da.

Note that Henry's birthplace and those of his parents match exactly what Bev. H. said in 1880 Blount Co.! Henry's youngest daughter, Elizabeth Anna (born 23 Jan 1868) would later marry her first cousin Thomas Benton SIMS, son of Beverly Hutson, as Thomas's second wife.]

In 2005, descendants of B.H. Sims through Esther Sims Stephenson, daughter of Thomas Benton Sims by second marriage, and granddaughter of B.H.Sims, found in their possession the original copy of an 1848 promise to sell by Garrison Sims to Bevrly (sic) H. Sims land in Benton County, AL. This original document may not have been recorded. They also found a small wooden box containing personal papers of B.H. Sims. In the box were receipts to and promises to pay by B.H. Sims, Hudson Sims, and Hutson Sims. Unfortunately, B.H, evidently being business savvy, had torn his signature from each of them so we don't know how he signed the ones showing Hutson.

Also on Jan 5, 1851, as recorded in the papers of the Circuit Court of Benton County, Hudson Sims bought George L. Sims' land (Faction #9 of Sec. 32, T12,R10) evidently for taxes. Garrison's land (which he had promised to sell to Bevrly (sic) H. in the unrecorded document) was also sold for taxes to a lawyer R.G. EARL for $25 on 5 March 1849.

My father (William H.) told me before I started Sims research that his grandfather's name was what I thought was Hutchinson. He may have mispronounced Hutson or Huttson (or I may have just misunderstood him). My maternal grandmother, who evidently had known the family, heard him tell me this and said that he was called Uncle Hutt.

The estate settlement of James Sims (1843) of Benton (Calhoun) County, (microfilm copy at Alabama Archives) shows that property was inventoried by Hudson Sims, Henry Sims and what appears to be William Sims. Also, in a later estate related document, Nancy is listed as widow of James.

I speculate that the Sims came to Benton County from Cherokee County, Ga. I assume this because a George L. Sims married in Cherokee County, Ga. to Elizabeth McGinnis Feb 18, 1849. George L. of Benton seems to have left Benton County before 1850 but has not been found in 1850 or 1860. He may be the one whose family turns up in Caldwell and Milam County, TX in 1860 and 1870 although the dates don't match. Also Garrison Sims lived in Cherokee County, Ga. in 1850 and 1860 and his widow lived there in 1870 and 1880. Although purely speculation, it looks as if George L. and Garrison "went back home" and married. As noted above, their land in Benton County, Al. sold in 1849 and 1851 for back taxes indicating they had left it. Ester Sims Stephenson, granddaughter of both B.H. and his brother Henry G. is said to have said that the Sims came from Georgia "because of a killing".

Research in Cherokee county, Ga. might prove fruitful.
SIMS Beverly Hutson (I1320)
112 Ben's cousin Florida and her husband Felix Sullivan raised Ben and Josie Sims after their parents, Henry Claude and Silvanie Sims, died in their 30's.

Ben also lived with a Mr. & Mrs. Danford for some of the time. Jamile has picture of the Danfords with Ben.

Ben worked for the L&N Railroad. He was in Clanton because of the railroad when he met Anstis.Worked for L & N Railroad

From James C. Sims on 12/12/04:
Approx. 1935 Ben worked for the Federal government, for the department that paid subsidies to farmers for not growing cotton. He received arial maps of the farms and could tell when someone was growing too much cotton. He would then go out with his tape measure and measure the actual land, and the people would have to plow under any excess cotton they were not supposed to be growing. James said his dad really liked the job.

Nov 2004 James said his dad always ate one homemade biscuit and two figs preseved for breakfast each morning.

Jamile has a copy of Ben's enlistment record dated April 29, 1818 at Birmingham, AL. Record shows Ben was inducted (not enlisted) as a Corporal. He was single at the time and had "excellent" character. Assigned to Motor Transport Corps, Camp Jackson, SC on April 29, 1818. On this same paper is a rubber stamp showing he was paid $103.05 as Enlistment Ins. Bonus. Occupation Carpenter, blue eyes, dark brown hair, fair complexion, 5' 10 1/2 inches tall, home Village Springs, AL

Jamile has a copy of Ben's honorable discharge papers from the United States Army. Original is in the old family house in Clanton, AL. Ben was dispatched from Camp Jackson, SC on the 9th day of May, 1919.

Ben was named after the United States president in office at the time of his birth, and not for his grandfather, B. H. Sims, as previously thought. His grandfather's name was actually Beverly Hutson Sims.

1900 Census
Ben is living with his widowed mother Sylvania in AL/Blount County/Compton Precinct

1910 Census
Ben is an orphan living with Felix and Florida (his 1st cousin) Sullivan AL/Blount County/Compton Precinct

Ben registered for the World War on June 5, 1917 in Birmingham, AL. 27 years old, living at 2213 6th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL. Born in Village Springs, AL. Occupation: Railway bridge construction for the L & N Railroad Co. working out of the Decatur - Montgomery Division. He was single. Build: tall, slender, with blue eyes and brown hair. Jamile has a copy of the registration card. When mentioning this card to Ben's son James, he said this was probably when Ben was living in Tarrant City, AL.

1920 Census
Edward Bruce married to Amanda, with married daughter Anstis Sims AL/Chilton County/Precinct 4. Did not find Benjamin Harrison Sims, husband of Anstis. He was already discharged from WWI and I don't know why he was not living in Clanton with Anstis.

1930 Census
Benjamin H. Sims married to Zelphia Anstis with 2 children, including James C. Sims AL/Chilton County/Part of Beat 4

Willie Jones of Clanton sued Ben and Anstis of slander in 1937. It was settled out of court in April 1938 after Ben paid $25.00 to Mr. Jones. The slander grew out of the destruction by fire of Ben's barbecue stand the first part of 1937. Jamile has the original settlement paperwork, signed by Willie Jones.

Was in veteran's hospital during his 30s or 40s after mastoid surgery (bad ears).

From The Union-Banner Newspaper, Clanton, AL July 10, 1924
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sims and two sons, Harry and James, are leaving July 16 for a western tour. They will visit Mr. Sims's brother in Denver and a sister in New Mexico before returning.

Ben had a tiny dog named Tippy that he used to carry inside his zipped coat. Tippy was bitten by a snake and died.
SIMS Benjamin Harrison (I0170)
113 Bertha's record of birth for State of Missouri states she is the second child of Sarah and Sterling Price Presnell. [Our records do not show who that first child is? or the birthdate of her brother Robert is incorrect? ] PRESNELL Bertha Nevada (I1939)
114 Betsy and William Hyde went to Mississippi between 1840 and 1846. At one time they lived in Pontotoc County, MS.  HYDE William (I2642)
115 Beverly Hutson Sims Documentation
by Kenneth Sims
[portion deleted]
I speculate that the Sims came to Benton County from Cherokee County, Ga. I assume this because a George L. Sims married in Cherokee County, Ga. to Elizabeth McGinnis Feb 18, 1849. George L. of Benton seems to have left Benton County before 1850 but has not been found in 1850 or 1860. He may be the one whose family turns up in Caldwell and Milam County, TX in 1860 and 1870 although the dates don't match.  
SIMS George L. (I1783)
116 Billy Duff and Ida Bell used to run a store in Ensley, AL. When they were going through a divorce, she shot and killed him, then shot herself in the stomach and almost died. She recovered but was unable to have children. [This took place after March 1936 because Ida Bell was the informant on the death certificate for Spartan Edward Bruce and she listed her name as Mrs. Ida Belle Duff at the time.]

Ida Bell shot and killed her first husband, Billy Duff. At the trial, she was acquitted of murder and never spent time in jail.

About 30 years later, she married Clifford Giles, an ironworker. Clifford had lived all over, but was originally from Clanton, AL. Clifford had two children from a previous marriage: Clifford Giles, Jr. and Marcus Giles. Clifford, Jr. was a politician who spent time in jail for being part of a car theft ring.

2/2003 Ida Bell's house is currently owned by Kay Smith, grandaughter of Homer Bruce.

2/13/07 from R.Reid in California: I used to enjoy visiting with Ida Bell. She had quite a sense of humor. She and my grandfather had fishing camps near each other on Lake Mitchell. I remember her once wearing a hat which read, "I was born this way. What's your excuse?" 
BRUCE Ida Bell (I0168)
117 Birth and death dates are from picture of headstone.

1920 Census, they were in Stoddard County, MO/Pike Twp, District 214. Hugh was 21 and Rosa was 22. 
KAPPLER Hugh Wesley (I4105)
118 Bob Willett found a Ferrell Belcher who married a Sarah Vaughn Dec 8 1794 in Richmond County, GA. This would make Sarah only 12 years old when she married, if the dates I previously found are correct.  VAUGHN Sarah (I3001)
119 Bob Willett found a James Vaughn that married a Nancy Churchill May 16 1809 in Richmond County, GA. No proof these are our Vaughns. Is it possible this is the Nancy Vaughn found in the 1830 and 1840 census in Wilkinson County? VAUGHN James (I3002)
120 Bob Willett sent me a picture of Catherine Yates Dobbs circa 1860. YATES Catherine (I3838)
121 Bob worked as an account at Unity School of Christianity, Unity Village, MO for years. DRESCHER Robert L. (I2026)
122 Body was cremated. BOND Paul Ray (I0069)
123 Bond was given by J. J. Walker Family F1603
124 Bonds, Licenses, Consents and Misc. Loose Papers. Ms. Woodyard completed this work for the Livingston County Historical & Genealogical Society. Source Source: S01806 (S01806)
125 Bondsman was James Irwin, Witness Isaac Alexander Family F1417
126 Born at home, by Dr. J. P. Hayes

1940s - Owned a news stand with cousin Robert E. Bialas in Alabama when he got out of highschool. They sold newspapers, peanuts, and candy bars.

During WWII, and before they married the first time, James and Alma lived in Sturgis, KY and James was stationed at an airforce base about 1 mile away. During in interview in Jan 2006, James said he was not aware that Sturgis, KY was near the birthplace of Alma's father.

Jamile has pocket copy of:
Army of the United States Honorable Discharge. This is to certify that James C Sims 14 171 051 Corporal 815th AAF Base Unit 61st Wing Army of the United States is hereby Honorably Discharged from the military service of the United States of America. This certificate is awarded as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service to this country. Given at separation center Jefferson Barracks Missouri, Date 12th January 1946
Accompanying Enlisted Record and Report of Separation shows: blue eyes, brown hair, 5'8", 145 lbss, 1 dependent. Enlisted Oct 26 1942 at Ft McClellan, AL. Electrician 078, Pistol MkM Jan 3 1944, Good Conduct Medal. No time lost under AW 107 Lapel Button Issued Entitled to wear VICTORY RIBBON American Theatre Ribbon ASR score 34. White, married, US citizen, Elect Motor Repairman 5-83, 433

James and Alma were married twice.
Married May 8, 1945 in Clay County, Arkansas by W. F. Irby
Divorced in Ensley, Jefferson County, AL: Herond Lowe, Attorney
Married June 25, 1947 in Clay County, Arkansas by T. A. French
Divorced June 5, 1967 in Bessemer Division of 10th Circuit Court, Jefferson County, AL, Case 23017.

James was Chairman of the Building Committee when Fairfield Highlands Baptist Church built their new building in the 1960's.

June 18, 2004 Interview of James Coplin Sims by Jamile Sims Johnson

Daddy and Uncle Harry were born in a house at 1803 Yellow Leaf Road, Clanton, AL. (During the 1980's while the house was vacant, it burned. Shortly after, Benny and Debbie Sims rebuilt on the same site.)

About 1930 they moved from this original house to the big house at 1807 Yellow Leaf Road where Harry currently lives.

When Daddy was a small boy, his parents ran a barbeque place on the main highway in Clanton. Originally, Ben and Anstis were just landlords for the building which Ben built, but after loosing two renters during the first three years, they decided to take over the business. Anstis cooked and ran the restaurant.

As a young adult, Daddy owned 5 rental houses in Chilton County, Alabama, and one house in Ensley, Alabama. When he was first married, he and Alma lived in the Ensley house, but later rented it out.

During WWII, Daddy had a car while he was stationed in Missouri, but he couldn't get gas for it because he didn't always have a gas ration card. In order to get back to Alabama for visits, he hitchhiked. He said hitchhiking was much faster than taking the train or bus, and that folks were happy to pick up any soldier because they felt they were supporting the war effort.

Then they were newly weds, Jim and Alma lived at 3011 Avenue W., Ensley, AL. The house belonged to his Aunt Ida Bell.

Daddy has no arches, and has always had to wear arch supports in his shoes. That's where Jamile gets her flat feet.

In his 30's, Daddy was working on the roof of a house and the rotten boards gave way, and he fell breaking his ankle. He was in a cast for 13 weeks. He never had full use of his leg after the accident. Many years later he found out that the maximum time should be 9 weeks in a cast. He doctors have since told him that the longer time in the cast weakened his leg. He said he used to use a vacuum cleaner and crevace attachment to cool his leg in the cast during hot weather!

Daddy likes his sauces and gravies. He makes a white gravy that is to be used ONLY on chicken, and a brown gravy that is to be used ONLY on pot roast. If he makes both at the same meal, he requires that you use the correct gravy on whatever you are eating ! He also requires that you eat English peas out of a bowl, with a spoon, because that's the way they are SUPPOSED to be eaten. ha See Notes for Alma H. Walker Sims

Military: 815 A.A.F. Base Unit 61 Wing, U. S. Airforce, WWII; Cpr, U.S.AAF. James was station at Gunter Field, Montgomery, AL, Malden, MO, and Highpoint, NC, serial number 14171051. James was an electrician 078, served 3 years, 2 months, and 17 days.

Worked for U.S. Steel in Ensley, AL for 36.5 years.
Job Title: Electrician Motor Inspector; repaired overhead crane motors and mechanical parts and control boards. For a 4-week period (during a layoff at U.S. Steel) James worked in Mobile at the Alabama Dry Dock repairing all kinds of machinery. 10/15/08 James told Jamile he used to sleep in a wheelbarrow at work. H said there was a small equipment room that was no longer used. It was empty, so he tool over the room and put in a large wheelbarrow. He lined the wheelbarrow with large paper sacks and slept when he wasn't on a job.

April 5, 2006 Jamile called her dad to say she'd like to visit Sunday, She told him she had her garden tilled and asked if it was too early to plant. He said we are going to have a frost for three days starting April 21 so we shouldn't plant anything before then. I asked him if he knew this because of the Farmer's Almanac. Then (I could just see his forehead all frowned up) he raised his voice and "Didn't you hear! It's been on TV !! It thundered on January 21st, and that means that we will have a frost for three days starting April 21st !!!"

April 2006: James said as a child he went to Chicago in a Model A Ford with his mother Anstis, his aunt Ida Bell, and his cousin Euell Woodyard. He also said that up the street from his childhood house (away from the house that Benny and Debbie live in now) one of his relatives built a dance hall. The dance hall was later partioned off into an apartment building.
During WWII in Missouri James had been dating Lillian Leathers for some time when he broke up with her to date Alma. He and Alma went to a dance one night and when they came out Lillian had thrown a brickbat through his car windshield.

February 2007: James told Jamile and Hayley that Jamile's mother miscarried twin boys prior to Jamile's birth.

Had a spontaneous break in his left leg bone, and broke his left shoulder also as he fell to the ground. Surgery was in May 2008 at Doctor's Hospital, and then James went to SunBridge Care and Rehabilition in Gardendale, AL. At the nursing home, his lunch tray came with a slip of paper that listed the things not to put on his tray because he didn't like them: coffee, coleslaw, all greens, ham salad, tea.

SIMS James Coplin (I1113)
127 Both of Minnie's parents were born in Tennessee, per 1900 Census. LITTLE Minnie (I3873)
128 Both of Sidney's parents were born in IL according to Sidney in the 1900 Federal Census. LAMBERT Sidney (I3868)
129 BWJunkman says that james Mathews was living with Robert Meredith on the 1850 Wilkinson County census. MATHEWS James (I3006)
130 BWJunkman thinks this might have been Alexander McMillian. A search shows that the dragoons were not established until March 1833. MCMILLIAN Alexander (I3273)
131 Called Tate by her Family. The kids could not say Thelma. Her Grandchildren called her Granny. Told how she use to get a beating just about every day when she could not pick 100 lbs of cotton after taking care of the house and kids all day.

Moved to Oregon in 1940. Got to Springfield, OR on Christmas Day in 1940. 
BUTTS Mary Thelma (I0001)
132 Came to England with William the Conquerer.

Built castle of Brus - now Brix in Cherbourg Pennsula. 
DE BRUSSE Robert (I3671)
133 Came to Oregon in 1938 with the 3 C's. Aunt Maye Tice told in Mary Ina and Linda Aubrey in April of 1999 how when Robert was a baby she use to go to Bob and Tate's to watch (play) with Robert while Tate worked outside. One day she was bouncing on the bed and bounced Robert off the bed and onto his head. She ran out and all the way home as she thought she had kiled him. Why she would have thoght that with him howling is beyond me, BRUCE Charley Robert (I0003)
134 Captured by the Indians and held prisoner at Fort Detroit for almost a year, dying three years after his release.

March 16, 1768 Will Book 4, page 93 in Augusta County, VA: Margaret Looney is admix. of husband Peter Looney's estate. Son Peter Looney was the only heir listed, and was a minor. 
LOONEY Peter Grancer (I0307)
135 Census records show names of Nola G. and Gladys N. in different years.

Jan 2007 from B. J. Jerome: Several years ago, I interviewed Melbourn Cain, an elderly gentleman, who lived at Mattoon, Crittenden County. I had been told he courted Gladys Walker for some time, but she died before they could marry. Mr. Cain never married

Gladys was the informant on her dad's death certificate dated Dec 31 1940. She stated that she was a resident of Sullivan KY at that time.

Obituary: Crittenden Press March 21, 1941 (Jamile has a copy)
Miss Gladys Walker, 32, died at Henderson Hospt., Henderson, Tuesday. She entered the infirmary last Friday morning for an emergency operation of appendicitis. Her condition suddenly became serious Monday.
A native of Crittenden, the greater portion of her life was spent in Greens Chapel locality, site of birth. Early in life she united with Bells Mines Cumberland Presbyterian church and was active in church work.
After attending Marion high schol and Murray State Techers College and following completion at the latter institution, she returned to Crittenden and became an instructor in the public school system, having been so employed for the past 14 years at Bells Mines, Hebron, Pleasant Grove. For the past three years Miss Walker was in charge of Dempsey school. In addition to school and church work she was prominently identified with 4-H club and local farm bureau work in Greens Chpael, Bells Mines community.
Survivors are her mother, Mrs. H. E. Walker, Greens Chapel; a brother, Arby, Marion; a sister, Mrs. Martin Kennedy, Weston, a half sister, Mrs. Robert Gahagen, Sturgis, and several nieces and nephews.
Funeral services were conducted Thursday morning at Greens Chapel with Rev. J. R. King....(incomplete) 
WALKER Nola Gladys (I3879)
136 Charity and her husband Abner McCoy lived in Upson County, GA where they operated a relay station on the old Augusta to Columbus Road. LOWE Charity Matilda (I0193)
137 Charles Bruce sold 100 acres of land in September 1800 (Jamile has a copy of deed transfer) and it mentions that his wife "Hannah Bruce" gave her "X" mark of approval for the sale of the land.

Her name may have been Hannah Ray (per Bea Aug 31, 2006). 
RAMSEY Margaret Hannah (I0087)
138 Charles Irwin had one son and one daughter.

Charles' nephew J. Humphries says Charles was born in IL, but the 1910 census shows he was born in KY.

Jan 1949
Charles' father's obituary said he was living in Harrisburg, IL and owned Walker's Cleaners.

Note from Charlie's nephew Jake in March 2007: Hughie and Charlie started a dry cleaners during the depression in 1937. They ran it together until after WW!!, when their nephews Gene and Jake took it over and ran it until they both retired in 1990.  
WALKER Charles Irwin (I3871)
139 Charlotte's sister Faye sent Jamile Charlotte's obituary from Daily Journal in Northern Mississippi. A copy is in the file. GORY Charlotte E. (I4909)
140 Citizenship granted Sep. 8, 1893. Came to America when 17 in 1886.  BIALAS Joseph (I3081)
141 Clifford's headstone reads: ALABAMA, PVT CO E 15 ENGRS, Rainbow Division, WWI GILES John Clifford (I1181)
142 Common law partners, per Vicci Sweeney 8/2002.

Bailey and Martha separated about 1934, when Pearl was 12 years old. 
Family F0729
143 Commonwealth of Kentucky, Health Data Branch, Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning, Frankfort, KY Source Source: S01797 (S01797)
144 Company B 34th Reg. CSA LOONEY Noah C. (I0597)
145 Consent dated April 2, 1827
Dear Sir I write these few lines to let you know that I am willing that you should issue a license to Maxwell Black and Betsy Ann Walker to join in matrimony and this shall quit you of all damage from me and oblidge your friehd. Signed Moses Walker and Mary Walker. Witnessed by Robert Walker. 
WALKER Mary (I3939)
146 could have been married on 08/31/1837
George might have been born Smith Co., TN
Looney was spelled Luny 
LOONEY George (I0606)
147 Cousin Florida and her husband Felix Sullivan raised Ben and Josie Sims after their parents, Henry Claude and Silvanie Sims, died in their 30's. SIMS Josephine (I1602)
148 Daniel settled at Big Whitewater (survey 2249) BOLLINGER Daniel (I1886)
149 Danish immigrant to US.

Although he was Danish, his nickname was "Swede". 
HANSON Frahm John (I1693)
150 David Erwin Craig never married. CRAIG David Erwin (I2888)

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