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Addie Tinsley Wingate Walker Alfred E. Sims Alice M. Parker Johnson Alma and Neal Dennison Alwilda Lowe Amanda Caroline Lowe Bruce Americus A. Cosby Anna Cosby Annie Marlar Thacker Anstis Bruce Sims
Arthur Lee Bruce B. H. Sims Bailey Walker Barnett W. Sims Beatrice M Bruce Ben D. Cooper Ben H. Sims Benjamin Franklin Bruce 1820-1879 Benjamin Franklin Goodlet Betty T. Bruce
Beulah Armstrong Lowe Birdie Sims Bluff Springs Baptist Church (Ashland, MS) Carol O. 'Cab' Bruce Chapel Cosby Charles Bruce Charley Rufus Bruce and his wife Mattie Lowe Bruce Clay Lee Lowe Clyde G. Little
Born 1894, Died 1970 Corrie Miller Bruce
Cynthia A. Sims Dalton Yancy Lowe Daniel Butler Lowe Donovan Farrant Lowe Dr. J. S. Bruce Eddie Charles Bruce Edmond Homer Lowe Edmond Lowe and sister Martha Carroll Edna Lowe Thompson Edward S. Bialas
Elijah M. Bruce Eliza Caroline Devier Bruce Elizabeth Ann Sims Elizabeth Jane Allen Bruce 1930 - 1920 Elma G. Little
Born 1904, Died 2000 Elma Sims Emily Cosby Oden
Wife of Edley Joshua Oden Emory J. Cosby Etta 'Essie' Baker Marlar Eunice W. Bruce
Eva Lina Popwell Lowe F. M. Bruce G. W. Bruce George W. Bruce George Washington Bruce George Washington Bruce Grace M. Sims Grady W. Giles Grover Cleveland Lowe Gussa Sims
H. Claud Sims Hamp H. Sims Hazel Sims Bullock Headstone - Martha Alice Eubanks Harmon Headstone for Flora and Jack Little. Headstone for Francis Marion Looney Headstone for Hughie W. Lowey, Sr. and his wife Nellie Crider Lowey. Headstone for James W. Looney and his wife Dona Sims Looney. Headstone for John Ella Craig Lowey Headstone for William T. Walker.
Headstone of John Looney, son of Jamew W. and Dona Sims Looney Headstone of Mary Looney, wife of Moses Looney and daughter of Moses and Darcus Guest. Headstone of Moses Looney, son of John & Elizabeth Looney Headstone of Rebecca A. Brown Looney, wife of Francis Marion Looney Headstone of Walter Looney and his wife Louise H. Looney Henry Gordon Thompson Hester Sims Homer C. Giles Homer Lowe Bruce, his wife Maud Jones Bruce, and their daughter Syble Bruce Hugh Kappler and wife Rosa Arflack Kappler
Hugh M. Walker Ida Bell Bruce Giles Ira G. Little
Born 1859, Died 1935
Husband of Sarelda Ann Sims Ira Walker and his wife Sidney Lambert Walker J. F. Cosby James Edwin Lowe James Edwin Lowe James Edwin Lowe James Henry Lowe James R. Humphrey and wife Lillie Walker Humphrey
James WIlliam Lowe Jimmy Dale Young John B. Sims John Clifford Giles John D. Thacker John Lee Thacker Bialas Jonah O. Bruce Joseph Benjamin Marlar K. Bruce Kenneth Allen Bruce

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